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February 6, 2017
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Hello, everyone. I’m Cobi Sewell. Today I will be talking about disability. You know when you hear or see the word “disability”, you instantly think of wheelchairs, physical disability, mental illness. If you type it in Google images, it’s all ‘handicapped’. You type in ‘disability’ and it comes up with ‘handicap’ pictures. People often have the wrong picture of disability. But in medical terms… There are medical terms for everything. What are we not capable of? Hearing. That’s it. We are not able to hear. ‘Dis’ means not. Ability. What are we not able of, is to hear. A disability of hearing. That’s all. That is a medical term. Meanwhile, people see disabilities as physical disability, wheelchairs and mental illness. Ya know, all that. The ‘handicap’ thing. Which is why the Deaf community hates the term, but in medical terms, we are disabled. Disability is not always a bad thing. It’s not our disabilities, it’s our abilities that matters.

The real disability is bitter people who can’t find joy in life. A bad attitude is the real disability. Same goes for the term ‘hearing impaired’. Some deaf people can’t stand the term. But it’s only a medical term. I do know some deaf people who prefer using ‘hearing impaired’. They feel that they haven’t lost enough hearing to call themselves ‘deaf’, so they use ‘hearing impaired’, rather than saying ‘deaf’. And that’s fine! That is okay. When going to a job interview, they use ‘hearing impaired’ to sound formal. That’s okay. Whatever fits them. It’s fine. Respect. Is the key to all doors. Respect. It’s just a word.

The real problem is, people do have the wrong picture. Several of my friends asked if I considered myself disabled. I’ve always answered no. However I do know in medical terms, not being able to hear is disability. I say no because I know people have the wrong picture of disabilities. They see it as handicapped. Which we are not. Again… Just a word. That does not define us. It is our abilities that defines us. We wanna show them? Not through words, but by our actions. What we are capable of. Much love.

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