Facebook Live captions – what happens on the day?

Before Going Live

If you have scheduled your video on Facebook in advance and booked using our Announce option:

Before your live start time, you should check that you have configured your device to send your live video stream to us. We recommend starting your stream prior to your scheduled start time (either using Streamcube on a smartphone, or through your encoding software). Details here.

If this is within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time, you will see a preview of your stream in the preview window of your scheduled live video. Captions will not appear until the scheduled start time.

If you have scheduled your live event on Facebook, your live stream will automatically start at the scheduled time. If you want to start later, you should set this up in advance by editing the scheduled live video and selecting “manual start” from the drop down menu at the bottom. IMPORTANT: Facebook only allows you to delay the start time of your live event by a maximum of 10 minutes. If you do not go live within 10 minutes of your start time, your scheduled event is cancelled.

If you have not scheduled your video on Facebook in advance and you have booked using our Go Live option:

There is no preview stream option available in this scenario. Please note that if you try to preview your stream in advance, it will be published to your Facebook page. We advise not starting your stream until you are ready to go live.

During Your Live Event

No audio in live stream

For users streaming from their mobile phones using GoCoder, be aware that it is possible to accidentally mute the audio. Check you see audio bars in the top right corner and ensure your microphone is not muted. See below.

Delay in live stream

You will notice a delay in your stream of about 5-10 seconds. This is intentional to bring the captions in time with your audio.

Delay in captions

If you notice the captions are out of sync with your audio by more than 10 seconds, please email: onlinesupport (at) ai-media.tv

No captions appearing

If captions do not appear within 30 seconds of your booked start time, please email: onlinesupport (at) ai-media.tv

Caption quality issue

If you notice the captions are of poor quality or missing words, please ensure your microphone is close to the person speaking. If this persists, please email: onlinesupport (at) ai-media.tv

My viewers can’t see captions

Viewers watching on a computer, need to ensure they have enabled the “captions” checkbox in the settings wheel on the Facebook video. Also viewers should refresh the page.

Viewers watching on a mobile device need to ensure they have enabled caption settings in the accessibility options of their phone. For a detailed guide, please refer to this page.

Ending Your Live Event

When you wish to end your live stream, simply stop streaming to us. This will automatically end your live event. You cannot resume a Facebook Live event once the stream has been stopped.

If your event exceeds the scheduled end time of your captioning booking, we will keep your stream running for up to two hours. However, captions will cease at the booked end time.