How do I broadcast to Facebook Live with captions?

Adding captions to your Facebook Live stream requires one minor but important tweak to the delivery method. Instead of streaming directly to Facebook, you set up your device to stream to us. We take your live stream, add captions into it and send it to your Facebook page.

Just like Facebook Live without captions, you can go live using your phone or a camera connected to live streaming software.

From your phone:

Everyone knows the easiest way to stream to Facebook Live is using the Facebook App on your Phone. When adding live captions to Facebook Live, you can still use your phone, but you’ll need use a different app. It’s called Streamcube.  It’s free.

For step-by-step instructions on setting up Streamcube, click here.

Using streaming software:

For those who stream to Facebook Live using live streaming software (also referred to as encoding software), it’s easy to set up your software to get live captions added by changing the output destination of the stream.

If you are using Open Broadcaster Software (free open source software for live streaming), follow the instructions here.