How to Schedule a Live Video on Facebook

Many people choose to schedule their live video on Facebook to let their fans know that their broadcast is coming. Fans can opt-in to receive a reminder notification shortly before your broadcast begins. Your fans then join a pre-broadcast lobby before the live video starts. In this way, your broadcast can start strong with an audience already assembled.

Currently, it’s possible to schedule a live broadcast up to one week in advance.

Follow the steps below to set it up.

From your Facebook Page, select Publishing Tools

Select Video Library and then +Live


Make a note of the Server URL and Stream Key, so you can provide these details to us when you book live captioning. This information allows us to publish your video stream with live captions to your page.


Fill out the details for your live video, and then select the drop down next to the “Go Live” button and select Schedule Live

Select the date for your live video and select Schedule.

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