Jonna Delvert – Outrageous Questions Deaf People Get Asked

February 15, 2017All, Vlog

Welcome to my channel! My name is Jonna Delvert and I’m deaf. I am from Sweden. This video is all about the phrases you shouldn’t say to someone deaf. As a follow-up to my last video, “What should I do, you’re deaf?” Can you drive? Oh… It doesn’t matter if you’re deaf or not, the most important part is that if you’re lucky. I can use sign language, too! That’s okay. I’m sorry! I’d rather to be blind than deaf. Could you hear that bomb? But… Well then, you’re not deaf. My brother’s ex’s boyfriend’s dad’s brother lives in Thailand and he’s also deaf. Do you know him? Forgive me… – So… Do you have a job? Friends? Boyfriend? Or a family, I hope… (laughs) Cat? I mean nothing bad, but… Are you deaf for real or do you just want the money? Wow! How can you do it? I’d commit suicide, without a doubt! It’s such a shame for you to be disabled. Can you become a mother? If you’re deaf, why don’t you have cochlear implants? Is it true what they say about deaf girls in bed? Amen! I’ll pray for you! Just imagine, this is our everyday life. I hope you’ve learned something new now. And don’t forget to subscribe for more videos!

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