Super Bowl 51 captioned live on Channel 7.

All words are not equal

Live captioning sport is an art form making on-the-fly decisions about what commentary to include and what to omit. Commentary that describes what is happening on screen doesn’t need to be captioned because it’s clearly visible. Decisions to include this commentary also risks misleading viewers as the inherent delay in live captions create situations where captions are describing actions that have already occurred. What’s more, unnecessary captions can physically obscure the on-field action, and optimizing the viewer’s experience is our priority. We find the right balance by focusing on the substance of commentator’s opinions allows viewers to transcend the visual image.

Experts for all codes

No matter the sport, we caption it. We’ve created live captions for sports like rowing, badminton, archery, even darts, all the way through to the winning drive of a Super Bowl. Our captioners have very diverse interests across the complete range of sports this world has to offer. Our belief is that the viewer shouldn’t be deprived of the rich lexicon of individual sports, from a googly in cricket to a squib kick in football, these are the terms and insights that makes sport great. Whatever sport you’re broadcasting, we’ll match it with one of our team.

Roger Federer is congratulated by Rafael Nadal after winning the Australian Open men’s final captioned live on Channel 7.

Highlights from the All Blacks haka from The Rugby World Cup 2011 captioned live on Fox Sports.

Complexity? Simple.

No event is too complex or large. We’ve captioned World Cups across a multitude of sports as well as The Olympics which required preparing names for 11,327 competitors from 205 nations across 306 events in 28 sports. We approach captioning as a team sport in itself working together sharing preparation, tips and tricks to effectively manage names, terminology and scoring formats. Whatever, the sport our philosophy is the same – quality preparation leads to quality for the viewers.

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