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February 20, 2017
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February 24, 2017

Hey. My name is Montigo. I’m still learning ASL. This video is about me being deaf. It can be rough for me. I sometimes come across hearing people, who ask if I’m deaf. I say, “Yes, I am.” They say, “But you talk.” I say, “Yes, a little. I choose to speak, just a bit. It works better for me. They ask me why I don’t speak more. It’s crazy weird. Out in open areas that are loud… It’s all boom, boom… It’s hard to hear. I can’t understand them. I have to… Resort to reading lips and looking at facial expressions, and nodding my head in agreement… “Okay. Okay.”

It’s difficult looking at people talking. I can’t hear them speaking. I have to ask them to repeat themselves again and again. “One minute. Nope. Nope. One minute. Don’t speak. No, please.” (Pretends to scream) I don’t know why. But I just like coming across people who understand me. It’s just better. It’s good. It makes speaking and communication possible. I might make another video later on. I’m still learning ASL. I’m deaf. And it can be rough. But I feel… Better. I feel good. Thanks for watching my video. And see you later. Peace. Love you.

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