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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) of Access Innovation Media Pty Ltd (Ai-Media) (ACN 105 924 490) , Ai-Media UK B Limited (Ai-Media) and Ai-Media Inc (Ai-Media). We are committed to ensuring that we comply with the provisions of the following Acts in dealing with your personal information:

  • Privacy Act 1988 (Australia)
  • Data Protection Act 1998 (United Kingdom)

This Privacy Policy sets out how Ai-Media will deal with your personal information.

Ai-Media will only collect personal information which it believes is necessary to:

  • conduct its business;
  • provide its goods and services to you or information about its goods or services to you;
  • when you make contact by email to give feedback or submit an enquiry.

Personal information collected by Ai-Media may be disclosed to third parties to whom Ai-Media contracts out specialized functions (e.g. Internet service provider) or for whom Ai-Media provides services on behalf of that third party (in this latter situation, the type of information disclosed includes your name, email address, organisation, and other information collected for the provision of this service). If Ai-Media does disclose personal information to third party contractors, Ai-Media will take steps to ensure that those contractors:

  • are required to keep such information confidential; and
  • are authorized only to use personal information in order to provide the services or to perform the functions required by Ai-Media, or to provide services to you.

However, if you do not wish us to provide personal information to such third parties, you may contact Ai-Media at any time by sending an email to requesting that no such personal information be provided. However, depending on Ai-Media’s relationship with the relevant third party, such a request may have an adverse impact on our ability to perform services to you.

Ai-Media may also use your personal information to market products and services to you or to inform you of any special offers, discounts or other information which are considered to be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive future marketing, promotional or sales material from Ai-Media, you may use the unsubscribe link provided in contact information, or you may contact Ai-Media at any time by sending an email to requesting that no further material be sent to you. Ai-Media will, as soon as reasonably practicable after receiving your request, remove your contact details from its marketing database.

The type of personal information collected by Ai-Media includes your name and email address.

Ai-Media will generally only collect personal information from you that has been provided by you; for example, when you request information about that member’s products and services.

The Internet service provider (ISP) used by Ai-Media makes a record of all your visits to a member’s site and logs a variety of information for statistical purposes only; for example, your server address, your domain name, and the date and time of your visit to the relevant site. Ai-Media’s ISP also collects information such as the pages accessed and documents downloaded, links from other sites followed to reach a member’s site, and the type of browser used. This information is anonymous and is only used for statistical and site development purposes. No attempt will be made to identify you or your browsing activities except where required by law.

Ai-Media will only record your email address in the event of your contacting Ai-Media or in the registration process for delivery of Ai-Media services to you. The address will only be used for the purpose for which it has been provided to Ai-Media.