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October 6, 2017

Sign Language Alphabets From Around The World

September 1, 2017

Communication Between Deaf People and People who are Blind or have Low Vision

June 2, 2017

4 Reasons People Use Sign Language Other Than Hearing Loss

May 5, 2017

6 Myths About Sign Language

April 28, 2017

Where to Learn American Sign Language Online

January 12, 2017

6 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Deaf Person

December 30, 2016

6 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

December 16, 2016

7 Reasons Sign Language is Awesome

April 6, 2016

The Six Best Pages for Deaf Content on Reddit

Few sites offer their users a wider selection of topics to discuss than Reddit. There’s a page, or ‘subreddit’, for almost everything. Whether you want to […]
February 9, 2016

Kids Learn Sign Language For Deaf Classmate

Zejd Coralic is a six year old boy from Bosnia and he is Deaf. His classmates and himself couldn’t communicate with each other because of their language […]
December 9, 2015

Bilingual school for deaf children focuses on Auslan and mother tongue

A community-based school in Blackburn teaches deaf children both sign language and their mother tongue. In the world of the deaf, the language of silence is […]
December 8, 2015

Santa uses sign language and makes girl’s day.

Santa knows how to connect with children all over the world, in every different language. So it should come as no surprise he could speak with […]
November 25, 2015

Signing Messiah with Alex Jones

Since its first performance in Dublin in 1742 Handel’s Messiah has become a sacred music classic. Handel’s greatest and most loved choral masterpiece sung by more […]
February 9, 2015

Interview with Drisana Levitzke-Gray, Young Australian of the Year

January 16, 2015

Book Review: Reading Between the Signs

In her book Reading Between the Signs, Anna Mindess explores the differences between deaf and hearing culture and, in terms of communication, the challenges these cultures often […]
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