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How Can Live Human Captions Improve Your Hopin Event? Here Are 4 Ways. 

Since first emerging in the United States over half a century ago, captions have played a huge part in making the world’s content accessible to everyone.  

Through the decades, accessibility laws introduced by many nations have seen captions become increasingly widespread – not only across TV, but in the corporate world, too. And while legislation no doubt played its part, many businesses have adopted captions as part of their mission to promote inclusivity and diversity. 

Virtual meetings and events – today a staple of corporate life thanks to flexible work practices – increasingly feature captions not only for accessibility, but to capitalise on the many additional benefits they provide employees and customers. 

With Ai-Media, you can now add live human captions and translations to your Hopin events, allowing your business to gain the following benefits:  

1. Enhance Your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts 

Promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion is a key imperative for businesses large and small. And a central part of doing so involves supporting the diversity of abilities among employees. 

Digital accessibility is critical for creating a legitimately inclusive world for all. Adding live captions to your virtual meetings and events makes them accessible to those who are Deaf or hard of hearing, and it improves comprehension for people watching in their non-native language. 

Over five per cent of the world’s population has significant hearing loss, and many more live and work in places where they are learning a new language. Adding live captions means you can include at least this many more people. It not only helps ensure your culture is welcoming to all your current employees, but also helps you attract diverse talent and positions your company as one that champions inclusivity. 

2. Improve Information Retention of Attendees 

Numerous studies reveal that captions improve comprehension and information retention, not only for those watching in their non-native language, but for people with high literacy levels, too.  

Offering a text-based version of your meeting or event helps viewers better commit the content to memory. This is hardly surprising given that psychologists have found adults retain more information by reading than they do listening. 

Adding captions also means your attendees can access a verbatim transcript of the meeting, which is especially useful for high-value meetings or those that feature specific or technical information that must be recalled later. 

3. Offer Flexibility for Your Attendees 

Mobile devices have changed the way people consume content. One study revealed that 85% of Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off, while another found that one in three people have captions on when viewing videos in public. 

For many, captions are a comfortably routine, even expected part of consuming content, and a saving grace for those watching videos in public settings where playing audio isn’t an option. 

When it comes to your virtual meetings and events, captions allow your attendees to engage no matter where they are, or what they’re doing – whether they’re on commute or working in a noisy (or quiet) environment. And if one of your employees can’t fit your meeting into their schedule, the verbatim transcript will keep them filled in. 

4. Reach a Wider Audience 

One of the greatest innovations of modern captioning is its ability to translate audio into a variety of languages. 

If your business is multi-national, live human translations can open up untapped avenues to communicate with those in other countries who don’t speak your native language. You can break down language barriers to communicate with colleagues or customers – regardless of what language they speak – fostering increased collaboration and operational efficiencies across your business.  

A real-time, translated text version of your virtual event can also help you reach entire new countries, if not continents of people, who may have just been waiting for your kind of content to show up in their native language. 

Boost Your Hopin Event with Ai-Media Live Human Multi-Language Captions 

It’s now easy to enhance your Hopin events with Ai-Media’s live human captions and live multilingual captions. We can help you increase engagement with captions that deliver up to 98.95% accuracy and translate your content into over 100 languages to expand your audience. 

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