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Live Events Captioning:

How Tech & Talent Are Transforming Captions

Event management has always been complex, with many moving parts that must be executed perfectly. Now the landscape has more variables than ever for event producers, who must carefully consider whether their gatherings should be held in-person, online or as a hybrid of the two.

A recent study shows how much the pandemic continues to influence the thinking of event organizers. In a survey of 1,800 marketers, they anticipated that in the near-future 40% of events will be virtual and another 36% will be in-person, while 24% will be hybrid events.

No matter what the format, a common component is emerging: captioning. Event organizers are following the lead of broadcasters and many other content creators worldwide, extensively adopting closed captions and open captions to meet accessibility requirements for attendees with hearing loss.

In the process, they have discovered unexpected benefits of captioning. Research revealed improved audience engagement and longer average watch times. Automatic caption translation instantly unlocks multilingual distribution, streamlining localization and global reach.          

One Stop for Live Event Captioning

Event producers, marketing professionals and corporate executives today are seeing increased demand for quality captioning from organizers and attendees alike. Tasked with delivering a memorable experience plus full accessibility, event professionals must deliver broadcast-quality captioning. In addition, captioning should be easy and cost-effective.

Organizers for live, online and hybrid events are turning to Ai-Media, a complete one-stop shop for events captioning and translation. Ai-Media’s Captioning as a Service (CaaS) offerings are comprehensive, complementing cloud captioning solutions with expert teams to meet the unique needs of any event. 

Live streaming, in-person and hybrid events each have requirements that can be distinct or overlap. Ai-Media enables efficient captioning for events large and small, including webinars, seminars, workshops, corporate meetings, conventions, expos, trade shows and much more.

Live Streaming Captions for Events

Whether it’s a strictly online event, or a “digital twin” of an in-person event, captioning for live streaming can be convenient and cost-effective.

The leading captioning solutions company EEG Video, is now an Ai-Media company. Together they have streaming content creators ready to real-time caption to live RTMP and RTMPS streams with the cloud-based EEG iCap Falcon Live Streaming Video Caption Encoder, and the EEG Lexi Automatic Captioning Service.          

Together, Falcon and Lexi form the only customer-managed cloud-based, self-serve platform for adding captions to RTMP video streams. Easy to set up, manage and scale, highlights of Falcon include:

  • Easy-to-use RTMP stream captioning service
  • Compatible with three captioning options:
    • Lexi for medium accuracy (higher than standard ASR systems)
  • Falcon is compatible with all other elements within Ai-Media’s industry standard secure EEG iCap caption network ecosystem, including live captioning and translations solutions
  • Easy “hub” connectivity to multiple streaming platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.), assuring wide audiences of extremely high-quality captioning
  • Flexible subscription options make affordable captioning capacity easy to scale up
  • 99.99% uptime

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4K Captioning for In-Person Events

Ai-Media’s live event captioning solutions start with the EEG AV610 CaptionPort Live Captioning Display. It brings newfound flexibility to presentations and displays of all kinds, allowing event producers to caption content while keeping all presentation content fully visible.

The AV610 provides:

  • Total control over caption appearance: Customize font, size, text color and more
  • Unlike standard presentation platforms, captioning on the AV610 does not interfere with the primary message
  • Compatibility with Premium, Smart Lexi and Lexi captioning services
  • Compatibility with the entire iCap ecosystem, including live captioning and translation solutions for multilingual distribution

The AV610 offers three modes:

  • Scaler mode – add on-screen captioning while keeping presentation content 100% visible by using EEG’s built-in video scaler.
  • Caption Decoder mode – Decode captions and modify a variety of elements, including font size, color and displayed text.
  • Background Image mode – For in-person events or presentations where video is not needed, AV610 allows users to upload background graphics that are displayed in place of the video output.

The EEG AV650 UHD 12G-SDI Caption Encoder is a broadcast-grade solution optimized for in-room displays. Native 12G and ready for 4K and HD-SDI, the AV650 gives event producers the flexibility to work with broadcast, live stream and in-room spaces.

The AV650 provides:

  • 12G-SDI connection for large-screen live events
  • The ability to output HD-SDI
  • Flexibility to work with broadcast, live stream and in-room spaces while encoding in 4K
  • Customized caption appearance, including font, size and text color
  • Compatibility with Premium, Smart Lexi and Lexi captioning services
  • Compatibility with the entire iCap ecosystem, including live captioning and translation solutions for multilingual distribution

Large Event Caption Support

When event managers require additional expertise and hands-on service, they engage Ai-Media’s Advanced Events team. Advanced Events is ideal for supporting organizers who may be captioning their first live event, have complex needs, or simply want the confidence and convenience that comes with an experienced production partner.

A fully managed solution tailored for large and high-profile events, Ai-Media’s Advanced Events support includes:   

  • Personalized service, led by a dedicated event manager
  • An expert team with extensive technical knowledge and experience
  • High-accuracy captioning from top captioners
  • Multilingual reach via interpreting and/or translation services
  • Priority response times

Complete Live Event Captioning

Events are increasingly competitive and complex, including heightened demand for quality live captioning. Live event organizers, marketing professionals, corporate executives, and localization specialists require sophisticated captioning solutions to meet accessibility requirements and engage attendees.

For live streaming, the combination of Falcon and Lexi is the only customer-managed, cloud-based, self-serve platform for adding captions to an RTMP stream that is easy to set up, manage and scale. Visit here to learn more about Falcon

In-person live events or conferences call for the AV610 to keep audiences engaged and the most important content front and center. Visit here to learn more about the AV610.

The AV650 reaches a wider audience and backs up branding with customized captions, all with 12G caption encoding and decoding. Visit here to learn more about the AV650.

Large, high-profile gatherings benefit from Advanced Events, providing full-service, worry-free captioning so organizers can focus on the rest of their event planning. Visit here to schedule an Advanced Events consultation.    

No matter the need, Ai-Media has live events captioning covered.

Want to know more about our captioning solutions? Get in touch with our friendly team. 

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