Live captioning for students with ASD

Captioning supports the learning styles and challenges faced by young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), autism and Asperger syndrome. We call it Simple Text.

Our captioners are specifically trained to caption for students with ASD using a set of guidelines delivering accurate simplified text of what the teacher has said, directly to the student’s iPad or tablet, or smart-board within seconds.

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Benefits of Simple Text for students with ASD

Speech and Language

Simple Text removes metaphors, figurative language. It breaks down complex instructions into simple steps and delivers content in simple form with one idea in each sentence.

Visual Learners

Captions provide visual learners valuable reinforcement of what is being said. The experience is enhanced by the ability to change font size, colour and background.

Auditory Issues

The built-in time delay of the captions support students with auditory processing issues by allowing them to better process the lesson content at a comfortable pace.


Students with high level of anxiety often exhibit behaviours which prevent them from engaging with lesson content. A reduction of anxiety is achieved by the visual reinforcement of captions.

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