Audio Interpretation

Expand your audience with live multilingual translations in audio

When you need people all over the world to get your message, engage Ai-Media’s unique live translation solution, audio interpretation — delivered as an audio feed in your live stream. Available in one or more additional languages.

What is audio interpretation?

Audio interpretation is a unique Ai-Media solution for video and live streams. It allows your audience to hear the audio in a different language to the original. This can be done for multiple languages on the same live stream.

Here is how it works for the user:

  1. The user simply selects the language they want to listen to
  2. The original audio volume is decreased or eliminated
  3. The interpreter’s audio is then dominant on the live stream
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Supercharge your reach

Reach language groups in any location in the world with our audio interpretation service — making your content instantly accessible to much larger audiences. The potential is limitless!

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Create access for all language groups

Whether they speak another language entirely or are learning your language, we can help you reach your ideal audience. And it doesn't matter where in the world they are located.

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Multiple languages in a single stream

We offer simultaneous audio interpretation in multiple languages, which means you can make your live stream available in many languages at the same time. Users simply pick the right option for them.

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Combine with captions

For maximum accessibility, pair our audio interpretation service with closed or open captioning on your live stream or video. This makes it accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and other people with disabilities.

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