Your event, conference or webinar. Our captions.

We can provide live captioning and transcription for all your delegates.

Image of people at lecture
Image of people at conference with captions on screen

Events and Conferences

Set yourself apart by providing a fully accessible event and conference with live captioning. Our live captions can be displayed on projector screens as well as being accessed through any web-enabled device. At the conclusion of the event, a transcript can be made available for all delegates.

Discover Ai-Live

Our Ai-Live captioning and transcription service transforms your event or conference experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing people by providing immediate access to the spoken word.  Ai-Live turns every web-enabled device into a piece of magic. Spoken words appear on the user’s screen seconds after they are spoken.

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Image of person with laptop at desk attending webinar

Online Webinars

Make your webinar accessible for everyone by adding live web captions to your online lecture, forum or panel. Our captions are streamed over the Internet, enabling your audience greater access to content and a higher level of engagement. 

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