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iCap Archives

What is iCap Archives?

iCap Archives is available to encoder owners or caption service providers with iCap Broadcast Plus accounts. iCap Archives enables users with the correct permissions to retrieve a caption file for as-run data sent live over iCap between any pair of timestamps up to one month back from the date of the original transmission.

iCap Archives is popular for many applications including re-purposing live caption data for VOD distribution or future live re-airs, auditing on-air caption data for correctness, and troubleshooting discrepancy reports about past sessions.

What file formats are supported?

The native format is SCC. Other formats, including WebVTT, TTML, and plain-text transcripts, can be retreived by using the free conversion tool available with the EEG Cloud account you will create.

What are the prerequisites to use iCap Archives?

  1. The encoder must be on an iCap Broadcast Plus connection plan, as only these servers are capable of storing the data
  2. You must open a (free) account with your email address on to access iCap Archives
  3. If you plan to access archives by encoder name, you must have the iCap company and user name of the encoder, and an iCap Admin user name and password for the encoder owner company account
  4. If you plan to access archives by captioner name, you must have the iCap company and user name of the captioner, and an iCap Admin user name and password for the caption company user account

How do I get started using iCap Archives?

  1. Log into your account on (or register if you don’t have one)
  2. On the home page after login, go to “Our Services” and “iCap Archive Assembler”
  3. Fill out the request form with the required user account and time information. The fields marked “Company” and “User” refer to the encoder or captioner you are seeking records for. The fields marked “iCap Admin Username” and “iCap Admin Password” require your iCap Admin login for the SAME company as the encoder or captioner. This is the same set of credentials you would use to administer the company iCap account at If you do not have never used this site or are unsure if you have credentials, contact your company’s iCap administrator or  .
  4. When you click “Assemble Data”, you should receive an SCC file to download. Note that there may be no data to download if the encoder or captioner selected was not active during the time frame selected, or if the encoder was not on a Broadcast Plus server.

What time zone should I enter into the calendar input to download data?

You should use the time of the desired event in the local time zone set on your computer when downloading the file. It does not matter whether the caption encoder hardware is located in the same time zone as you or not, because all records are stored internally as UTC.

How do I convert from the SCC to another file format?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Use the “Select a File” control to choose the .scc file downloaded by your browser in the previous step.
  3. Specify an output format and click the Convert button.

Your browser will download the captions with the file format you specified.

Click “Download” to see a video illustrating these steps

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