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Installing your License Key on Alta Virtual Machine

Before you start this tutorial, you may want to review:

1. Network Activated Licensing Requirements

One licensing option for many EEG products is floating licenses which are activated and validated through an internet connection. This includes CCPlay FilePro, Scribe, and Alta.

The computers running the licensed software must be able to reach out over HTTPS (port 443) to the domain “”. On any computer where typical web browsing is functional, no special licensing setup will be required. However, if you are allowing this outbound connection only through a special firewall exception, please add to your whitelist. If the whitelist only supports fixed IP addresses, or does not update DNS frequently enough for correct functionality, you can instead use (

For installations where no internet access at all is available, alternative licensing schemes such as hardware dongles for desktop software, or custom site licenses for other products may be available instead.

2. Alta Virtual Machine Set Up


OK, Now let’s begin:

You will need to have your license key string issued by your EEG Sales or Support representative.

Installing Your License Key

Once you have the virtual machine booting in your hypervisor (VirtualBox or other), perform the following steps:

1. Browse to the home page of your alta instance (for example

2. Click the License Key tab in the top level navigation

3. Enter your license key into the text input and click Save.

Now when you start a new Alta instance, the instance should begin as expected and the detailed logs will show a correct ability to license the software.

If the logs state that the licensing activation point could not be reached, you may need to modify the firewall/network access settings on your virtual machine controller, the host system, and/or the gateway router allowing traffic to pass out of your local network to the Internet.

See below for a video tutorial demonstrating these steps.

Download HERE

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