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Maximize your Hopin Events with Ai-Media

Captioning for Hopin Events

High quality live human delivered captions

PLUS multi language and translated captions

Maximize audience participation in your Hopin events with Ai-Media’s integrated live captioning service. Captioning catches and holds meeting attendees’ attention for longer, and improves their capacity to retain the information from the meeting.

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What Services are Available?

Live Human Captioning

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Reach your full audience with Ai-Media live human delivered captions, in a format optimized for your needs. Whether you’re using Hopin for a team meeting, a virtual conference or a Town Hall, use Ai-Media to optimize your content. 

Make your live content instantly accessible with our industry leading captions delivered seamlessly to your Hopin meeting or event. And with end-to-end support. Highly scalable for large or small sessions. At the end of your captioned session, receive a full transcript of the session in your preferred format. 

Live Multilingual Captions

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When you need people all over the world to get your message, or you’re looking to open your content to new markets, you can break down language barriers with Ai-Media’s multilingual captions.
With Ai-Media, your speaker can present in one language, and you can offer your audience multiple options of languages of their choosing for displayed captions.
All expertly delivered to make your content truly accessible!
Multiple languages available via Ai-Media on Hopin system

What kinds of Hopin events can Ai-Media live caption?

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Ai-Media’s live captioning is fully integrated with the Hopin platform and is seamlessly embedded on your meeting screen. 

Why add Live Captions?

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Improve Accessibility

Captions, like transcripts, make your content accessible to people who identify as deaf or hard of hearing, or have English as an additional language. 

Increase Engagement

Beyond accessibility, captions have been shown to foster comprehension, increased engagement, and improve content retention. 

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More Flexibility

Give your attendees multiple ways to engage with your virtual meeting, wherever they are. If they’re in a noisy or silent environment, live captions will let them follow along.

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Expand Your Audience

Break down language barriers by adding multilingual captions to your meeting. We can help bring people together regardless of language. 

Maximize Hopin Event Engagement with Live Captioning

How Our Live Captions for Hopin Work

When working with Ai-Media, we provide the best technical expertise to ensure everything runs smoothly and as expected.

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1. Complete Enquiry Form  

Simply provide us with your details in the ‘Request A Quote’ form below. Let us know when your Hopin meeting is happening and that you’ll need live captions. 

2.  Receive Your Quote

Our friendly Ai-Media staff will make contact to discuss all of your captioning and translation requirements. You’ll receive a quote for your meeting plus instructions on how to proceed.

3. Live meeting

Your captioner will connect to your Hopin meeting and create live captions from the audio. Captions will appear in real time at the side of your screen. 

Why use Ai-Media?                          

We provide high quality captioning for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Ai-Media has been providing services that make content more accessible since 2003.  Customers get the best from Ai-Media, including:

  • Professional human captioners ensuring top quality live captioning (99.95% accuracy)
  • We can translate your captions into more than 100 languages
  • Simple booking process. Easy as 1… 2… 3…!
  • Seamless integration with the Hopin meeting and event platform
  • 24/7 Support
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