High-powered captioning solutions, from source to screen, for any event!

Event Captioning & Translation Solutions

Ai-Media, with EEG, offers a suite of technology solutions that are designed to service any event size or format. 

Each of our solutions offers a range of caption quality tiers to suit your needs.

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Self Service Solution: Falcon + Lexi

Choose Ai-Media’s Falcon PLUS Lexi combination – the only customer-managed cloud-based, self-serve platform for adding captions to your RTMP stream that is easy to set up, manage and scale.

Perfect for in-person and live streamed events, the ease of use and flexible pricing options (monthly subscription, annual subscription or single event package) make this solution an easy choice. This solution is perfect for Event Producers and Event Managers looking for a straightforward and flexible solution.

Falcon is compatible with all other elements within the EEG iCap ecosystem, which means you can choose to use live human captioning and translations solutions should you need to.

Getting started is as simple as setting up your Falcon Account and then adding Lexi Captioning hours as you need them. Get started today!

iCap Connect AV650

Perfect for large screen live events such as large meetings and conferences, the AV650 is a state-of-the-art solution that’s ahead of the industry.

The iCap Connect AV650 is Ai-Media & EEG’s 1RU SDI encoder that supports native 12G caption encoding and decoding. 

The AV650 allows users to flexibly work with broadcast, live stream and in-room spaces while encoding in 4K, and can output HD-SDI.

AV650 provides users with total control over caption appearance. Users can customize font, size, text color and more.

The AV650 is compatible with 3 captioning options: 

  • Premium Captions for highest accuracy 
  • Smart Lexi for higher accuracy 
  • Lexi for high accuracy (higher than standard ASR systems) 
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Two men looking at a presentation screen with captions

AV610 CaptionPort

  • The AV610 delivers world-class caption connectivity designed for video conference displays and events. Keep the most important content and activity visible while maintaining compliance. It has an easy setup and cost efficiency in mind.

The AV610 offers 3 modes: 

  • Scaler mode – add on-screen captioning while keeping presentation content 100% visible by using EEG’s built-in video scaler. 
  • Caption Decoder mode – Decode captions and modify a variety of elements, including font size, color and displayed text.
  • Background Image mode – For in-person events or presentations where video is not needed, AV610 allows users to upload background graphics that are displayed in place of the video output.  


The AV610 is also compatible with 3 captioning options:

  • Premium Captions for highest accuracy
  • Smart Lexi for higher accuracy
  • Lexi for high accuracy (higher than standard ASR systems)

Advanced Events:

Tailored by the experts in captioning

Ai-Media’s premium events service Advanced Events gives you tailored support from a dedicated service manager, captions from our top captioners, and priority response to queries and issues.

Our Advanced Events Support includes:

channel 7 camera man

“Since contracting Ai-Media in 2013, we continue to be impressed with their performance, capabilities and ability to adapt and deliver. Over the years, Ai-Media has worked openly and collaboratively with our organisation and is a true partner to Nine.”

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