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We know that your audiences are using different platforms to watch live streams of their favourite content. If you’re looking to stream the same content across multiple channels, we make adding captions simple. We can send our captions to your stream across the biggest streaming platforms.

At the end of your stream, you get to keep the captions so that people who missed out on streaming live can watch along at a time that suits them.

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Live Captions

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YouTube Live Captions

If you’re streaming live on YouTube, we’ve got you covered. It’s super easy, just send your live stream to us, we add captions, and then send them back to your channel for your audiences to enjoy live.

Facebook Live Captions

We’ll add live captions as you broadcast to the largest audience in the world using the camera in your pocket. With 85% of videos on Facebook watched without sound, you can make your video stand out and drive engagement by adding live captions.  Your followers who may have missed out on your live stream can also watch along with the captions later.

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Zoom Live Captions

We can add closed captions to your next Zoom video conference, whether it be a conference, meeting, or webinar. Ensure that your meetings are engaging and accessible to more people with live captions. Zoom conferencing services are also now compatible with standard screen readers such as VoiceOver on iOS and OSX platforms, TalkBack on Android devices, and JAWS and NVDA for Windows platforms.

Twitch Live Captions

Capture all of your glorious wins in a way that everyone can enjoy by adding live captions.  We make it easy for you to add live captions – just send us your stream, we add captions, and then send them back to your stream. Live captions keep your subscribers engaged and make your content accessible to a larger audience.


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Livestream Live Captions

Our captions also work with Livestream. This means that we can add captions to your conference, event, sporting event, or anything else. If you’re streaming using Livestream, we can add live captions to help you make your content accessible to more people.


Case Study

Facebook Live Partnership

In 2017, we partnered with Facebook to be their live captioning services provider. Since then, we’ve worked to make it easy for everyone to add live captions to their Facebook Live streams. Businesses, organisations, and individuals can now easily add live captions to their scheduled streams.

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Why add captions to your stream?

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Improve Your SEO

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Make your video accessible

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Allow your followers to view your videos in silence

Trusted by the world’s best

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Why use Ai-Media?

We are at the forefront of live speech-to-text CART captioning. For 10 years, our captions have been transforming events, conferences, meetings, seminars and classes through accessible captions.

We have provided live captioning services for Georgetown University, Cambridge, Macquarie University, Deakin University, CSU and many more.

To book live captioning now, simply get in touch with our 24/7 team.



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