Captioning and Audio Transcription for the Workplace and your Events

Corporate and Event Accessibility

Ai-Media’s captioning services provide access to meetings, webinars, conference calls and events for those who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing. While our audio transcription services offer a leave-behind record, so no one misses a word. 

Businesses are increasingly using accessibility services as a matter of course for all meetings and business operations to increase impact, engagement and productivity.

With Ai-Media’s services, organizations ensure meetings are inclusive and engaging and broadly accessible. 

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Explore our range of services for the workplace and events below. 

Live Captioning

For Zoom:

Whether it’s an internal, employee Zoom meeting or a global Zoom webinar, makes sure you maximize audience participation with Ai-Media’s integrated live captioning service. Captioning catches and holds meeting attendees’ attention for longer, and improve their capacity to retain the information from the meeting. Ai-Media’s live captions for Zoom are integrated directly – no other windows or applications required. 

For Your Livestream:

Livestreams via YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, WebEx, and many other platforms, are an easy way to broadly broadcast your message. However, today, many audiences watch livestreams without sound. Ai-Media can support your reach to these audiences by adding real-time captioning to your livestream, as well as providing full end-to-end stream management. Our live captions are directly integrated into your livestream. 

Live Translation

Increase the reach of your event – in-person or livestream – by offering live multi-language translating of the content. With Ai-Media, your speaker can present in one language, and you can offer your audiences multiple options of languages of their choosing for displayed captions. This live translating is available for livestreams or at in-person events, wherever you want to make sure you are communicating with everyone.

In-Person Meetings

Live captioning (CART services) in the workplace are the easiest and most efficient way to provide access to in-person meetings for your deaf and hard of hearing employees. Our live captioning service is delivered remotely and securely to any personal device, and can be booked and managed by individual employees as needed.

In-Person Events

Live captioning (CART services) at your next in-person event provides the opportunity for everyone to keep up, regardless of language fluency or distraction or hearing, by displaying the words being spoken in real-time text. Our live captioning can be projected onto a screen, overlaid on a presentation or displayed on individual phones and tablets.

Audio transcripts

After your event:
Give your event attendees a record of every key statement, onstage revelation and surprising moment from your event by providing an audio transcription. Your event will stand out by providing attendees with added value even after they have left. And you’ll be immediately ready for any press releases, media statements and follow-up articles, with exact quotes from each presentation available in your event transcript.

After the meeting:
Our audio transcripts services are an ideal way to keep a written record of meeting minutes, calls and workshops. We offer a verbatim record of everything said by anyone in the room or on the call. This allows participants to go back to review the record and make sure they didn’t miss anything.

Workplace Funding

Access to Work – United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, employees who are deaf or hard of hearing, and their employers, may be eligible for government funding through Access to Work (AtW). This funding can be used for any of Ai-Media’s accessibility services.

Job Access (EAF) – Australia

In Australia, employees with disability can use their Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) via Job Access for accessibility services provided by Ai-Media.

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