Hello, I’m Laura and I manage your captioning support here at Ai-Media UK.

Ai-Live, our online live captioning and transcription service, enables you to read what is being said in real time on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. There’s no need to download an app or software!

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Ai-Live captioning provides real-time speech-to-text in the workplace, at university, at events or in the classroom. Live captions provide confidence and enable full participation through accessibility and inclusion.

Ai-Live is an Access to Work (AtW) and Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) approved service providing access and inclusion for people who are deaf or hard of hearing in schools, universities and the workplace.

Access To Work


Disabled Students' Allowance

To book in a demonstration of Ai-Live, call me on 0203 763 6300 or send me an email.

But what do our clients say about Ai-Live?

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“My experience of Ai-Media has been amazing. I never thought that I could have the same
opportunities as the rest of the society, as there were far too many barriers in my path.”

 – Ed Stevens, Northampton University

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“Undoubtedly, Ai-Live has allowed me to further enhance my career prospects and to work more confidently.”

– Matthew Johnston, IG Group

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“Live captioning has always been something I’ve dreamed of. Special thanks as well to all the captioners at Ai-Media who make my working life so much easier!”

Nikki Crocker, GlaxoSmithKline

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“The captions come through very quickly, which means you are more up to speed with what is happening in the conversation at the time it is progressing. Sometimes I can make observations and take part in the discussion, which wasn’t possible before.”

– Florence Murphy, Bennetts Associates

Want to get a feel for Ai-Live? Check out our demo session!

Here’s just a few of Ai-Live’s key features

Use Ai-Live anywhere


Receive a transcript of your Ai-Live session

Select your font, text size and colour palett

Chat directly with your captioner

Add words to your dictionary

Book and manage your sessions online

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