image of Eileen Hopkins
Eileen Hopkins

Executive Director UK

Eileen has held senior Directorships in a number of organisations including The National Autistic Society and the ASD research organisation Autistica. She has held Non-Executive Board positions with Zurich and What a Difference a Day Makes. She provides ASD consultancy to The Shirley Foundation, other organisations in the UK and internationally and is a member of the WHO expert group.

image of Elaine Lam
Elaine Lam

Director, Canada

Elaine was appointed to the Board of Ai-Media Canada in September 2017. Elaine is Executive Director, Business Development and Strategic Planning at the G Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University, and has worked extensively with public sector, non-profit and private sector clients in the area of education strategic planning, policy and process advisement.

image of Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips

Director, US

Mark joined the Board of Ai-Media Inc in May 2016.  A Senior Project Engineer at Otherlab, Mark has extensive experience working in multiple teams in fast-paced development, start-up and manufacturing environments. As a technical process development engineer with thirteen years of industrial experience in high-volume-manufacturing fabs and fast-paced start-up environments, Mark’s experience encompasses project leadership, process path-finding and development, technology integration, module ownership and line sustaining, and technology transfer.


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