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Live Captioning for Broadcasts

The world’s biggest broadcasters choose Ai-Media to live caption their content. Why? Because we’re the market leader in captioning technology with deep knowledge of the broadcast industry. Rely on our secure, reliable and highly accurate solutions to ensure compliance with accessibility regulations.

Live Captioning for Events

Maximize the accessibility and engagement of your virtual and in-person events. Suitable for any budget or technical requirement, our innovative live captioning technology combines Automatic Speech Recognition with human curation to deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Live Captioning for Virtual Meetings

Ensure your work meetings are inclusive for all employees. Our live captioning technology provides accessibility to the Deaf or hard of hearing, while improving comprehension and information retention for all attendees.

Captioning for Live Streams

Easily and affordably caption your live streams on any platform. Quick and seamless to set up, our live stream captioning ensures the highest accuracy, with zero delay and 100% uptime.

Live Captioning for Education

Create a more engaging learning environment and ensure accessibility for all students. We make it easy to add live captions to your classroom content, lectures and graduation ceremonies.

Live Multilingual Captions

Reach new global markets with live multilingual captioning that translates your content into any language, from any language. Expertly delivered via our human-curated machine translation solution, to make your content accessible at a competitive price.

Highest Accuracy Captions

Our expert team of human captioners can deliver up to 99.5% accuracy. Rely on their deep captioning expertise and knowledge spanning multiple industries to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Affordable, Easy-To-Use Cloud Solutions

Our Automatic Speech Recognition solutions deliver accuracy that approaches that of human captions, but at half the typical price. Combine with our cloud encoder to easily add captions to your content with just a few clicks.

Everything You Need in One Place

Unlike most captioning technology vendors, we offer all the hardware and software you need in one place. Save time and seamlessly add human or automated captions to your content with our suite of market leading encoders.

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose Ai-Media for your live captions?

Since 2003, Ai-Media has helped thousands of companies worldwide accurately and reliably live caption their TV broadcasts, live streams, events and virtual meetings. Our end-to-end hardware and software solutions make live captioning easy – whatever your technical requirements, video format or output display. All our solutions offer proven reliability, security and interoperability. 

In 2021, Ai-Media acquired long-standing captioning technology pioneer EEG – a move that significantly enhanced our technology offering and expertise. Together with EEG, Ai-Media boasts a decades-long legacy of delivering cutting-edge captioning solutions to some of the world’s leading blue-chip organizations. This includes five of the ten largest companies by market capitalization on the NASDAQ, US federal and state government organizations, and several major US and global media companies.

How is Ai-Media different from other captioning technology vendors?

Unlike most vendors, Ai-Media is a one-stop shop of live captioning solutions and tailored human services.

We offer all the hardware and software you need in one place, including a range of on-premises, virtualized and cloud captioning encoders that seamlessly integrate with our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and human captioning services.

With a truly end-to-end solution from Ai-Media, you can ensure you have all the technology and human services you need to caption, translate or transcribe your content. This eliminates the time-consuming and often costly need to source and integrate third-party technology or solutions, which can be a pain from both a cost and technical perspective.

What captioning options can I choose from?

We offer Premium Captions, which are created by our team of human captioners and deliver the highest accuracy of all our captioning options. We also offer two ASR live captioning options.

Our Lexi ASR cloud solution uses the latest ASR technology to achieve greater accuracy than ‘out-of-the-box’ automated captions, offering the lowest price point of all our captioning options. While our Smart Lexi cloud solution combines ASR automation with expert human curation to deliver unprecedented levels of accuracy and affordability.

How accurate are Ai-Media’s live captions?

Our Premium Captions deliver up to 99.5% accuracy, while our Smart Lexi captions achieve up to 98.95% and Lexi captions up to 96%.

Why would I choose Lexi or Smart Lexi over Premium Captions?

The biggest advantage of Smart Lexi is that it can deliver accuracy that approaches that of our Premium Captions, but at half the typical price. Lexi captions are even more affordable, while still delivering higher accuracy than out-of-the-box ASR captioning solutions.

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