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Live captions. Anytime, anywhere.

For anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing, it’s challenging to fully participate in the verbal communications taking place every minute of every day. Ai-Live provides access to spoken dialogue displayed on a screen and delivered in real-time.

We convert speech into text, remotely delivered over the internet in real time to laptops, tablets, smartphones or any screen. Ai-Live provides access and inclusion anytime, anywhere.

What Is Live Captioning?

Ai-Live is how we deliver our Live CART Captioning service. Learn more about CART captions.

How Our Ai-Live Captioning Works

Ai-Live is designed to never interfere with your meeting, lecture, or event.

We simply need to hear what’s being said. You can send us your audio in nearly any way you like – a direct telephone call, a Zoom call, live webinar or online lecture.

Our captioners create real-time captions by either typing into a stenotype machine with a phonetic keyboard (the same ones used by court reporters), or by re-speaking what they hear into voice recognition software that they have specifically trained to their voice. The words they create are then streamed over the internet straight to you.

Design Your Own Captioning Experience

With Ai-Live, your captioning experience is yours. Make and manage your own bookings online with ease. Completely personalise the way your captions look, and communicate with your captioners directly.

Live Captioning Features

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Optimised colour palette

Choosing an optimised colour palette can improve reading speed by 400%. Choose from our selection of the best 15 colour options that are designed for speed and readability.
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Select your font and size

Choose from a range of fonts and sizes that are applied instantly to your live captions.
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Chat directly with your captioner

Behind your captions there is a real person with whom you can chat directly. You can use the Ai-Live chat panel to confirm the audio set-up, let them know the correct spelling of a word, or let them know you’d like to extend your scheduled captioning time.
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Add words to your dictionary

You can give your live captioner advance notice of difficult names and words, specific jargon and acronyms that you expect may come up in your next session. Simply add them to your dictionary and our captioners will use these to prepare for the session, further enhancing the accuracy of your live captioning experience.
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View and download your transcripts

The transcripts for all your previous Ai-Live captioning sessions are stored securely within your account. The transcripts have full-text searchability and may be downloaded as a Word Document or PDF.


Flexible solutions for individuals and businesses across all industries.
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Improve student comprehension with key learnings.
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Provide even greater, more meaningful takeaways for attendees.
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Create a more accessible working environment for everyone

Why use Ai-Media?

We are at the forefront of live speech-to-text CART captioning. For 10 years, our captions have been transforming events, conferences, meetings, seminars and classes through accessible captions.

We have provided live captioning services for Georgetown University, Cambridge, Macquarie University, Deakin University, CSU and many more.

To book live captioning now, simply get in touch with our 24/7 team.



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