You’ve just made a beautiful video.

But is your message getting missed?

A staggering 85% of Facebook’s 8 billion daily video views are happening in silence. (Read here)

To look at it another way, you’ll be lucky if 2 out of 10 people are understanding your message.

Add captions so your message is understood
when your video is muted.

A black book with a red spine. Text on the front cover says "Everything you need to know to create professional captions"


The Ultimate Captioning Toolkit

Download this easy-to-follow captioning guide filled with techniques perfected over 12 years.

This will get you creating professional quality captions FOR FREE to increase reach, drive engagement and grow your sales.

These are the exact tips and techniques the team at Ai-Media use every day to create thousands of hours of captions.

– what is a caption file
– how to produce readable captions
– common grammar mistakes to avoid
– best practices for professional quality
– learn when to “break” captions, correctly label speakers, sound effects and music
– our pick of the easiest and most powerful free software
– plus loads of tips and tricks

Still not sure why you need to add captions? Watch this.

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