Your work. Don’t miss a word.

We provide real-time, accurate, speech-to-text captions and transcripts for your meetings, teleconferences, appointments, interviews, workshops and training days.

People in meeting shaking hands
Ai-Live captions on iPad

We built our own live captioning platform

Our Ai-Live platform is a captioning and transcription service that transforms the professional experience of deaf and hard-of-hearing people by providing immediate access to the spoken word.

Ai-Live turns every web-enabled device into a piece of magic. Spoken words appear on the user’s screen seconds after they are spoken. To achieve the highest quality standard, we use highly trained captioners and stenographers who listen to the live audio stream and re-speak what they hear, including punctuation and grammar, into the Ai-Live system which is converted into text and then streamed to your live device.

Make the workplace accessible

We can help you comply with relevant accessibility laws. Employers in Australia, USA and UK must make reasonable accommodations to employees who are deaf or hard of hearing, including providing auxiliary aids such as live captioning or Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART), closed captioning for video materials, and transcription for video and audio materials.

Three people talking in a meeting
Zoom on laptop with captions

Closed captions for your meeting

We can add closed captions to your next Zoom video conference meeting. Zoom conferencing services are also now compatible with standard screen readers such as VoiceOver on iOS and OSX platforms, TalkBack on Android devices, and JAWS and NVDA for Windows platforms.

Alternatively, you can live stream your next meeting on Youtube, Facebook Live or Twitch, and we can add closed captions directly into your live stream.

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