YouTube Live Captions

We’ll add live captions as you broadcast to YouTube using the camera in your pocket. It’s pretty simple – just send your live stream to us, we add captions and send them back to your channel.

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Attention: Broadcasters

You can now bring your TV captions to YouTube Live. Our solution optimizes your existing broadcast captions for YouTube, with no up-front costs and no ongoing commitment. This development satisfies the FCC rules that require captioned programs shown on TV to be captioned when shown on the Internet. 

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Why add YouTube Live captions?


Closed Captions:

1. Improve your video SEO

2. Make your video accessible

3. Allow your followers to view your videos in silence


Reach people with the sound off

With so many of us watching videos without sound, your live event can finally be understood by everyone watching on the subway, train, bus and park.

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