iPhone showing a video playing on YouTube. Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi talk on The Ellen Show. Closed captions say "I was at the light".

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Discover our live captioning, closed captioning and transcription services 

Live Captioning

Add real-time captions to any live stream or event, or provide CART to your students, employees or delegates

iPad showing live video of gymnast Simone Biles. Captions text says: "Simone Biles, she's redefined the combination of power and elegance."

Closed Captioning

Closed captions for videos, recordings, YouTube, Facebook and more.

Laptop with music video playing. Woman signing to the camera. Caption says "This is the section for your reflection"


We transcribe podcasts, interviews, videos and lectures.

Tablet, smart phone and document displaying a standard Ai-Media transcript style.

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We have expertise in providing live captioning, closed captioning and transcription services for broadcast, education, and
government and corporate workplaces





What People Think About Us

“I am not deaf, but I tend to have difficulty hearing, especially with noise around me…I am always so happy when videos have captions and I appreciate your work to get captions in all media and make media accessible to all.”

Sarah Stott

“Great way to get the word out about the Deaf community! Thank you for always making videos accessible in multiple ways for us!”


“Added closed caption on my daughter's inspiring story quickly @ my request with KRDO. Y'all are amazing, thanks!”

Jessica Needs

“It's amazing for deaf people. To be able to understand what's going on with the hearing world when there's is subtitles and someone to translate what's going on.”

Kaniah Henry

“The captions have made watching videos on Facebook for me so much more enjoyable!”

Sarah Mortimore

“The subtitles are a great help to me! Thank you so much, all videos across the world.”

Lucy Scarlett Rogers

We want to create a world that is more open and accessible

The world is full of great content – movies, university lectures, YouTube and Facebook videos. But most isn’t accessible to everyone which is frustrating for people that are excluded. We’ve built our business to bridge this gap by providing captioning and transcription services for any live event or recorded video or audio. We provide access to great content to millions of people every day. How can we help you make the world more accessible?