Highly Secure, Compliant Captioning for Government

From major world parliaments to city councils, government agencies worldwide choose AI-Media to make their content accessible.

Make your government content inclusive, multilingual and secure with AI-Media

When governments worldwide need to make their content accessible, they turn to AI-Media. We offer all the AI-powered, high accuracy captioning technology you need in one place to ensure accessibility compliance while keeping data secure. Whether you need to caption a legislative proceeding, municipal council meeting, press briefing or an ad campaign, our solutions make it easy and cost-effective.

Popular government captioning product bundles

LEXI Local & Encoder PRO

LEXI Local + Encoder Pro

For ultimate caption security, you can combine Encoder Pro with LEXI Local, which delivers live automatic captions on-premises and off the cloud. This provides elevated security and greater control over your data, without compromising the quality of your captions. Pair LEXI Local with our Encoder Pro SDI encoder for a reliable, low-latency captioning solution that’s trusted by government agencies worldwide.

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LEXI + LEXI Viewer

Easily push captions to event displays with the powerful combination of LEXI and LEXI Viewer. Powered by AI, LEXI’s unmatched accuracy and cutting-edge features deliver results that rival human captions, at a fraction of the cost. It seamlessly integrates with LEXI Viewer, the ultimate HD-SDI captioning device for your event presentations.

This combination ensures captions are clear and easy to read, while keeping video content fully visible. You can even input video down by 20%, giving you more screen space for your content.

LEXI + LEXI Library

Make the most of your live LEXI captions with LEXI Library – our easy-to-use cloud caption archiving and search tool. Via an intuitive web portal, LEXI Library allows you to view, search, edit and archive your live captions as raw text.

LEXI Library allows parliamentarians or municipal members to easily see what was just said during a live session. It also reduces the costs of compiling Hansard-style official records and improves speed of access to same day proceeding information for member offices.

Why Choose AI-Media?

Trusted by Governments Worldwide  
AI-Media’s unmatched accuracy and security makes us the preferred choice for government agencies, parliaments and municipalities.
Powered by AI
Our LEXI automatic captions leverage the latest AI to deliver results that rival human captions, at a fraction of the cost.
Highly Secure Solutions 
AI-Media’s captioning solutions are backed by world-class security to ensure your data is safe and secure.
Easily Add Captions to Event Displays
Pair LEXI with iCap Viewer to output live captions to event screens while keeping presentation content fully visible.
Archive, Search & Edit Live Captions  
AI-Media’s LEXI Library caption archiving tool makes it easy to view, search and edit transcripts of live captioned sessions.
Break Down Language Barriers 
Translate into a variety of languages with AI-Media’s automatic and human multilingual captions.   

Case Studies

Global Broadcaster

AI-Media Captions the World’s Biggest Sporting Event


The Challenge

In 2021, one of America’s leading broadcasters needed an end-to-end solution to live caption 2,500+ hours of coverage for a global spectacle featuring over 11,000 athletes and 339 events. Every event required high-quality captions for in-game footage and commentary. Up to 50 simultaneous live streams could take place at any one time.  


The Solution


By combining AI-Media’s LEXI automatic captions with our Alta IP encoder, the broadcaster simplified these complex demands with a scalable end-to-end live captioning solution. Powered by AI, LEXI delivered FCC-compliant live captions of over 98.5% accuracy. While iCap Alta ensured seamless caption delivery with next-gen workflows that saved time and reduced costs.


Products Used


  • LEXI
  • iCap Alta


Athletics Swimming

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