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LEXI Viewer Caption Connectivity for AV Displays

Easily output live captions to event screens while keeping presentation content fully visible.

World-class caption connectivity for event displays

The LEXI Viewer (SKU: AV610) is the ultimate HD-SDI captioning device for your event presentations. With its high-resolution output, this device ensures that your captions are clear and easy to read, while keeping your presentations fully visible. With 4 display options to choose from you can select the best mode for your requirements. Plus, access our AI-powered LEXI automatic captions with a single click.

LEXI Viewer Screen Options

A highly flexible, customizable solution

Customization is key with the LEXI Viewer. You can choose to place captions above or below the video area, and adjust font, size, text color, and more to match your brand and style. With 100% customizable options, your captions will look professional and seamless.

A versatile solution perfect for any event

The LEXI Viewer is ideal for in-person events, like municipal town halls, business conferences, sports stadiums and music venues. Pair with AI-Media’s LEXI automatic captions or human captions for a seamless event display solution


LEXI Viewer

The LEXI Viewer (AV610) delivers world-class caption connectivity designed for conference room video displays, with easy setup and cost efficiency in mind. Source captions automatically from our automatic captioning service, LEXI or from human captioners over the iCap Cloud Network.

    1. Scaler mode: Add on-screen captioning while keeping presentation content 100% visible by using our built-in video scaler.
    2. Caption Decoder Mode: Decode captions and modify a variety of elements, including font size, color, displayed text and text position. This allows both horizontal and vertical displays to be easily combined with larger text using the LEXI Viewer.
    3. Background Image Mode: Optimal for in-person events or presentations where video is not needed, this mode allows you to upload background graphics that are displayed in place of the video output. You can simply upload a JPEG, PNG, TIFF and SVG image – such as a brand or event name – and then place text on top, enabling a screen at the meeting to display captions in real time.
    4. Full Screen Mode: The mode allows in-person event and meeting hosts to decode a full screen of captions over a fully black background, with as many rows as can fit the screen. This compares to the above display mode options, which are more in line with the broadcast standard of just 2-4 lines of decoded captions displayed. Full Screen mode is best utilized for large events or meetings, since it offers improved accessibility/caption visibility for the Deaf or hard of hearing in attendance.
    • Ideal for in-person events, like municipal town halls, business conferences, stadiums and music venues.
    • Have a completely secure solution by pairing the localized LEXI Viewer device with the on-prem LEXI Local, for fully offline captioning.
    • Pair with AI-Media’s LEXI automatic captions for an all-in-one, seamlessly integrated event display solution.
    • Quickly and easily turn LEXI on or off with the push of a button on a wireless remote or the device’s front panel LCD screen. Also have full visibility on caption status.
    • Easily adjust font, text size, color, and caption positioning to match your brand and style.
    • Available for rental for short-term events

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Frequently Asked Questions

Captions can be displayed from the LEXI Viewer with any of four display modes: Full Screen mode, Background image mode, Decoder mode, or Scaler mode.
In Full Screen Mode, you can display a full screen of caption text, as opposed to the broadcast-standard of 2-4 rows with a set number of characters. This helps ensure that captions are as accessible and legible as possible to a large in-person audience. You can choose between different line spacing, text size, and color options, with new line breaks automatically inserted every 3 sentences of LEXI captions & each time there is a speaker change, if enabled in LEXI.
In Background image Mode, you can overlay 4 rows of rollup captions over a custom background image. Caption appearance, including font, text size, text positioning, and color can be customized.
In Decoder Mode, you can overlay captions over upstream input video to mimic the behavior of a consumer caption decoder. Font and text color may be customized, but the size and positioning are taken from upstream data.
Finally, in Scaler Mode, you can display 2 rows of captions above or below a scaled down (by 20%) input video, so there is visual interference of the captions, and they are kept fully clear and visible. Text alignment, font, and color may be customized.
There are several ways the LEXI Viewer and AI-Live differ which may impact which product you chooses for your in-person captioning events:
1. Suitable Customer Environments: The LEXI Viewer is better suited for live specialized video production environments, where professionals are working in a physical location and prefer to work with a fixed appliance as opposed to a web browser. Being able to use the unit more likely means they have the equipment suite necessary for such an environment (the necessary audio equipment, connectors, video tech, etc.). AI-Live is more of a low budget, less specialized solution for users who just want to use a laptop – it’s primarily used more so for school classrooms or smaller sized events.
2. Captioning Session Setup: AI-Live requires having a laptop, plugging it in, connecting to Wi-Fi, and browsing to the Ai live website to set up a captioning session, while the LEXI Viewer can be pre-configured in advance and then essentially just plugged in and start displaying captions with the push of a button (LEXI can be turned on or off on the unit via a wireless remote (GPI controller) or the device’s front panel LCD screen). For this reason, the LEXI Viewer is more likely to be preferred for large live events or groups that are high pressure and fast moving.
3. Display Options: While AI Live only really has the option for displaying a full screen of text, the LEXI Viewer has 3 display mode options other than full screen mode, which can be configured and switched back and forth at any time, providing flexibility for more use cases and types of presentations.
4. Commercial Models: AI live is priced on a per session basis while the LEXI Viewer unit requires a one-time upfront fee for the hardware + the cost for the LEXI or human captioning service.

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