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LEXI AI-Powered Live Automatic Captions

Achieve quality rivalling human captions, at a fraction of the cost.
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AI-powered LEXI automatic captions

Introducing LEXI, the world’s most advanced automatic captioning solution. Elevate your live TV, streaming, meeting or event captions with brand new features including speaker identification, intelligent caption placement, and much more.

Access LEXI through a choice of flexible subscriptions options to suit your caption requirements. Learn how to get started below.

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Accuracy rivalling human captions, without the hefty price tag

Powered by the latest AI, LEXI is fast closing the gap on human captions. It revolutionizes automatic captioning to deliver unprecedented accuracy and reliability, without the sizeable per hour costs typical of human captions.

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LEXI Automatic Captioning

Introducing the latest release LEXI, the world’s most advanced automatic captioning solution. With cutting edge features and unmatched accuracy, LEXI revolutionizes automatic captioning to deliver results that rival human captions at a fraction of the cost. Elevate your live TV, streaming, meeting or event captions with speaker identification, intelligent caption placement, and much more. With LEXI, you can unleash the power of captions with the most advanced automatic solution yet.

    • Consistently delivers over 98% accuracy
    • Up to 60% fewer formatting, recognition and punctuation errors than previous versions
    • Avoid the significant cost of human captions while delivering similar quality
    • Easily track speaker changes with automated speaker identification
    • LEXI’s AI technology repositions captions to avoid on-screen interference
    • LEXI’s AI-powered Topic Models maximize accuracy by recognizing unique terms, unusual or domain-specific words, phrases, names and context
    • Achieve perfect synchronization of video, audio and captions
    • Save time and plan ahead with advanced scheduling features
    • Rely on a solution proven in the worlds most regulated broadcast markets

LEXI automatic captioning is available in a range of flexible subscription options depending on your requirements.

    • Monthly usage: Choose a monthly subscription package aligned to your captioning volumes
    • Block package: Purchase LEXI in a block of hours which can be used within a 12-month time period from the date of purchase
    • Power User: 24/7 LEXI subscription packages also available for power users

Starting with LEXI, the world’s leading AI-powered automatic caption solution, is SIMPLE:

  1. Register: Click ‘Start LEXI subscription’ and you’ll be taken to our Cloud Services portal where you can set up an account
  2. Choose your Subscription Package: Select the most appropriate LEXI subscription package for your needs
  3. Need an encoder? If required you can add on an Ai-Media caption encoder, which utilize best in class EEG technology
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How accurate is LEXI?

AI-Media’s LEXI Lab analyses thousands of hours of content to ensure that we’re delivering results consistently over 98.7% accuracy. These results rival those of human captioning but at a fraction of the cost.  In fact, LEXI has been seen to deliver up to 99.5% in a number of applications.

Why not try it yourself! Click ‘Start a conversation’ button below and talk to us about a free demonstration.

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Why choose LEXI?

Delivering even higher accuracy and a better viewer experience, the new LEXI offers a range of benefits over previous versions

Enhanced Accuracy
Up to 40% fewer formatting and punctuation errors, plus up to 60% fewer recognition errors.
Automated Speaker Identification
Easily track speaker changes with clear and distinctive chevrons or individual color captions.
Intelligent Caption Placement
Lexi’s AI automatically repositions captions to avoid on-screen interference.
The World’s Most Legible Automatic Captions
Combined with AI-Media’s encoders, LEXI delivers seamless automatic caption display and an unmatched viewer experience.
Perfectly Synchronized Captions
LEXI delays video and audio to match the natural delay of captions, providing a seamless viewing experience
Productivity Boosting Features
Schedule future start and end times for captioning jobs, control sessions, and more.

Need Help? Engage our Managed Services to lighten the load

Avoid captioning management headaches with AI-Media’s dedicated human services. Engage our team to take care of captioning job management, scheduling and monitoring. Our expert team can also implement your tech infrastructure and provide custom dictionary curation to enhance LEXI’s accuracy even further. Ask us about our Managed Services today.

Ask us about our failover option, LEXI DR

LEXI DR (Disaster Recovery) offers peace of mind around the clock, with the ability to deliver live, automatic captions on-premises and off the cloud. So, when things don’t go as planned and you lose connectivity your captions are not at risk. With LEXI DR as your standby, you can be assured that your content will always be accessible and you’re meeting compliance requirements. Talk to our team today about adding LEXI DR to your captioning workflow.

LEXI Tool Kit Solution

LEXI AI-Powered Captioning Tool Kit

Leverage the power of AI advancements using this toolkit, covering captioning, translation, display, archiving & search.

Caption delivery powered by the iCap Cloud Network

The largest caption delivery network in the world, the iCap Cloud Network makes it possible to distribute LEXI captions from any source to any screen. It helps reduce operating costs and ensures reliable caption delivery with minimal latency – whether for a TV broadcast, virtual meeting, in-venue display or over-the-top content platform.

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Case Studies

Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers automates captions with next-gen tech

The Challenge 

The Portland Trail Blazers, one of the NBA’s best-known franchises, previously used live human captioners to provide accessibility for its game coverage. However, its technical team was spending significant time managing captioning resources, and the cost of human captions soon exceeded its production budget.

The Solution 

The Trail Blazers saved significant time and money with an end-to-end live captioning solution that combined Ai-Media’s AI-powered LEXI automatic captions with our iCap Encode Pro SDI encoder. LEXI delivered up to 98% caption accuracy while also decreasing per-hour costs, while iCap Encode Pro streamlined workflows and ensured low-latency captions.


Products Used


  • LEXI
  • iCap Encode Pro
Basketball Court


LEXI & Falcon help global brands simplify captioning

The Challenge 

Facing growing viewer demand for captions, both Eventage and needed an affordable and highly accurate solution to simplifying the process of captioning their live streams.

The Solution 

Ai-Media’s AI-powered LEXI automatic captions and Falcon IP encoder provided both organizations with all the captioning technology they needed in one easy-to-use cloud platform. It allowed them to caption their live streams with up to 98% accuracy via an agile solution that’s quick to set up, manage and customize. Both organizations also saved significant time with streamlined cloud captioning workflows.


Products Used


  • LEXI
  • Falcon


Man presenting slideshow to small audience in start-up office


Amagi enables global reach with high accuracy captions

The Challenge 

Amagi, a leading provider of cloud broadcast infrastructure to global TV networks, needed a better way to provide quality captioning for its blue-chip media and entertainment clients, which was essential to expanding their reach to global audiences. The company had previously used out-of-the-box captioning solutions, which were both expensive and inaccurate.

The Solution 

The powerful combination of Ai-Media’s AI-powered LEXI automatic captions and iCap Alta IP encoder enabled Amagi to deliver highly accurate captions for its clients’ broadcasts. The integration proved efficient and scalable, allowing Amagi to meet the needs of traditional broadcasters and OTT channels. Ai-Media’s end-to-end solution also helped save time and reduce costs with streamlined workflows.


Products Used


  • LEXI
  • iCap Alta
News reporter live broadcast

Sporting Event

Ai-Media Captions the World’s Biggest Sporting Event

The Challenge 

In 2021, one of America’s leading broadcasters needed an end-to-end solution to live caption 2,500+ hours of coverage for a global spectacle featuring over 11,000 athletes and 339 events. Every event required high-quality captions for in-game footage and commentary. Up to 50 simultaneous live streams could take place at any one time.

The Solution 

By combining Ai-Media’s Smart LEXI hybrid captions with our iCap Alta IP encoder, the broadcaster simplified these complex demands with a scalable end-to-end live captioning solution. Smart LEXI, which merges ASR technology with human curation, delivered FCC-compliant live captions of up to 98.5% accuracy. While iCap Alta ensured seamless caption delivery with next-gen workflows that saved time and reduced costs.


Products Used


  • Smart LEXI
  • iCap Alta


Live Broadcast Football Field

What our clients are saying

Why choose Ai-Media?

Trusted by the World’s Best
The world’s leading broadcasters and organizations choose AI-Media’s captioning technology for its unmatched accuracy and affordability.
Powered by AI
Our LEXI automatic captions leverage the latest AI to deliver results that rival human captions, at a fraction of the cost.
Build an End-to-End Solution
Easily combine Lexi with AI-Media’s range of IP, SDI, RTMP & 4K encoders for a seamlessly integrated automatic captioning solution.
Expand Your Audience
Translate into a variety of languages with AI-Media’s automatic and human multilingual captions.
Caption Anything
From breaking news and movies, to lectures, parliamentary proceedings and in-stadium displays.
Rely on Global Support
Enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 support from our dedicated technical support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our LEXI automatic captions leverage the latest AI to deliver an average accuracy of 98.7% – which rivals the quality achieved by human captions, but at a fraction of the cost.  

Yes, LEXI automatic captions work with our entire suite of encoders. This includes: 

  • Alta: A virtualized, API-powered IP video encoder that saves time and reduces costs with next-gen workflows.
  • Encode Pro: An HD-SDI encoder trusted by major TV networks worldwide, offering low-cost, low-latency caption display.
  • Encode 4K: A native 12G encoder that allows you to fLEXIbly work with broadcast, live stream and in-room spaces while encoding in 4K or HD-SDI. 
  • Falcon: A budget-friendly cloud encoder that makes it easy to add captions to RTMP/S streams.  

Topic models (sometimes also known as custom dictionaries) are databases of specific terms and phrases that teach an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine, so it produces the words correctly when it ‘hears’ them. With LEXI, you have the option to add your own topic models. This process makes the live captions more accurate when consumers receive them to their screens. 

Regulatory guidelines for live captioning vary greatly between countries and regions. While LEXI meets regulatory requirements for quality and time delay in many regions, some countries have specific requirements that LEXI does not yet meet. If you are unsure of your country’s requirements, please get in touch for more information. 

No, LEXI is its own subscription fee.

Yes, there is a Safe Language filter you can turn off and on at any point. It simply filters out the profanity anytime a swear word is heard. It does not input a BLEEP or S***, for example.
The profanity filter is based off of stock “profanity” models – if there’s a particular word you’re unsure is deemed offensive, this can be addressed via the Substitutions List (within a Topic Model).
It’s important to note that the profanity filter will only remove words deemed generally profane and can not account for context. For example, “Nazi” would not be considered profanity and will not be removed, though the word may offend in the wrong context.

LEXI works best in situations with clear audio signals, like in broadcast. If the session was a live broadcast, you can try to add more detailed entries to your Topic Model. You may also want to consider upgrading to our Smart LEXI service, where our trained professionals create the Topic Models for you.

When creating a Topic Model, you want to include any jargon that you think may appear in your session. You want to include proper nouns like names of people and places, for example. Also, it’s generally useful to include variations on a given term. For example: Alan Grant, Dr. Grant, etc.

The current limit is around 1500 entries, but this will increase with the release of an updated Topic Model storage system. The likelihood of a given term being recognized doesn’t necessarily correspond with the size of the Topic Model.

You can cancel LEXI by logging into your account, accessing your Billing Dashboard and clicking on LEXI, and then the ‘cancel subscription’ button. You may also reach out to a salesperson to discontinue service.

When you purchase a monthly subscription and utilize all of your subscription hours, your LEXI subscription does not automatically cancel. Should you go over your monthly allotted hours, you will be billed for each hour used over and above your monthly subscription. The per-hour rate depends on your LEXI subscription. The larger your monthly subscription, the cheaper your LEXI additional hours are!

Our LEXI Local solution couples with your existing EEG equipment to give you an unlimited ASR use system. This uses a 1-time annual subscription fee with no additional yearly costs.

LEXI supports the following languages:
Note: * Indicates compatibility with Topic Models
  • English (Australian)*
  • English (UK)*
  • English (US)*
  • Global Spanish*
  • Catalan
  • Basque
  • Galician
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German*
  • Hindi
  • Italian*
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese*
  • Bashkir
  • Belarusian
  • Bulgarian
  • Croatian
  • Danish
  • Esperanto
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Interlingua
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovakian
  • Slovenian
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Welsh
  • Indonesian
  • Malay
  • Mongolian
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Cantonese
  • Uyghur
LEXI can be managed in 2 different places: On the physical encoders themselves, or from the LEXI Live Subscription via your EEG Cloud Account. It’s advisable to use one or the other, but not both.
Both allow you to manually enable/disable LEXI, but the advantage of using the module on the encoder is that you can set the encoder to activate LEXI via the GPI port which can be wired into automation systems. The advantage of using the website is that you can schedule LEXI instances to start/stop in a calendar.
Entries within Topic Models cannot exceed a character count of 40 (including spaces).
If you are uploading bulk entries from Excel, ensure your file is saved in the .csv format.

The most common use case would be to prevent overlap with static graphics that would be to the left of the closed caption box, but depending on the end player, that might just produce a blank space without closed captions, but still overlapping on graphics.

No, stereo audio does not qualify as multi-track.

Yes. In your EEG Cloud Account, navigate to LEXI Live and find the LEXI Instance you want to add the Topic Model to. From there, click on Settings, and you can then add the appropriate Topic Model from the Topic Model dropdown.

The Vocabulary Control allows you to add custom words & phrases to LEXI’s vocabulary. Common entries include proper nouns like names of people and places, terms you think LEXI may have difficulty processing, and any session-specific vocabulary.

The Substitutions component functions to recognize words or phrases and then either blacklists or reformats them. It kind of acts like a ‘find and replace’ tool in real-time captioning. It can be used to ensure spelling standards, proper formatting and prevent unwanted misrecognition errors.

CCMatch is an encoder module that is only available on specific products (Encoder Pro, Encoder 4K, or Alta). Any encoder with that module enabled can sync the captions better to the audio/video, whether they come from LEXI or a Live captioner.

Yes, in LEXI’s Advanced Options, you must turn on LEXI Vision. LEXI Vision uses AI to set captioning screen position automatically based on your video content, avoiding text and faces. LEXI Vision will override your fixed row position settings.

Smart LEXI is full-service. Our professionals build the Topic Models for you with their expertise and experience.

3 days in advance would be great, but the earlier the better. If our team has prep material for your Smart LEXI session days in advance, they’ll be able to begin curating the Topic Model best suited for that session.

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