LEXI Tool Kit

LEXI AI-Powered Captioning Tool Kit

Leverage the power of AI advancements using this tool kit, covering captioning, translation, display, archiving & search.
LEXI Tool Kit Solution

The future of captioning is here... with LEXI

Get started with the LEXI AI-Powered Captioning Tool Kit to access solutions including captioning, translation, archiving & search and disaster recovery.

Building on the strength of LEXI, AI-Media’s automatic captioning solution, the LEXI AI-Powered Tool Kit revolutionizes this sphere as a comprehensive set of captioning solutions to meet multiple captioning requirements including:

Find out more about each of these solutions below.

Why Choose LEXI Tool Kit?

Streamlined Solutions
Mix and match the Tool Kit components to suit your business and seamlessly integrate our encoder series via the iCap Cloud Network.
Turbocharged Efficiency
LEXI Tool Kit automates captions, slashing manual workloads and boosting resource efficiency.
Unbeatable Value
Combine multiple Tools to unlock significant cost savings.
Utilize Cutting Edge Technology
Stay steps ahead with cutting-edge speech-to-text AI, propelling your business past rivals.
Expand With Ease
As your business grows and demands increase, LEXI Tool Kit scales effortlessly to meet your needs.
Deep Captioning Industry Expertise
Our expert team can advise on the most appropriate solution to meet your requirements.

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