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Ai-Live Premium Caption Streaming Solution Adds Lexi Automatic Captioning Service

Ai-Media has expanded the capabilities of its Ai-Live premium caption streaming solution. It can now be paired with Lexi, Ai-Media’s leading automatic captioning service. 

Cloud-based Lexi provides many valuable benefits to workplaces, educational institutions and events that want to provide high quality live captioning. With Ai-Live, live captions are streamed to in-person or virtual attendees’ iOS device, tablet or laptop via the browser-based Ai-Live Caption Viewer. The Ai-Live Caption Viewer provides full accessibility and is customizable, allowing attendees to view a full-text page of captions to easily review content in real-time without the limitations of traditional caption displays.

Lexi builds on the globally adopted iCap captioning network and is capable of achieving over 96% accuracy for many content types and audio sources. Its AI-driven Topic Models system ensures Lexi accurately displays highly customized dictionaries of vocabularies and phrases. Smart Lexi is available for more complex projects, adding Ai-Media’s skilled service team to further customize Topic Models based on additional information about events or lectures.   

Fast, Affordable Quality Captions For Meetings, Classes And Conferences

Ai-Live makes it easy to provide quality live captioning for in-person gatherings like meetings, lectures or events. To receive Lexi’s accurate automatic captions within Ai-Live, speakers simply connect their microphone to their device and with one click their audio is easily connected. Lexi’s captions are then displayed with low latency to attendees — either in person or virtual — via the accessible, browser-based Ai-Live Caption Viewer.

Using Ai-Live, organizations can provide quality accessibility accommodations to those with hearing loss. The performance of Ai-Live far exceeds the basic captioning capabilities of standard conferencing platforms with its accessible customization options, increased readability and intuitive interface. Transcriptions from the workplace, lecture hall or event can also be made available online for efficient archiving. 

Paired with Lexi, Ai-Live is a fast, easy and affordable way to do more for your audiences.      

Want To Learn More?

You can experience an online demo of the Ai-Live Captioner Viewer. Or visit our dedicated Ai-Live site to learn more about this service and contact our team.

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