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Ai-Media and Alternative Communication Services Join Forces

Ai-Media and Alternative Communication Services (ACS) are excited to announce that they are joining forces.

Ai-Media has acquired ACS in an agreement that will allow both companies to grow their global reach and develop and extend their technology platforms, products and services – including the best Zoom captioning on the market.

Both Ai-Media and ACS provide high-quality captioning and transcription – Ai-Media on a global scale and ACS in the US. In combining their teams, unique technology platforms and market strengths, Ai-Media and ACS move into a promising new era of service delivery.

Ai-Media Co-Founder and CEO Tony Abrahams said that ACS and Ai-Media are a ‘beautiful cultural fit’: “In ACS, we have found a strong and growing business that shares our values of access, inclusion and delivering the highest quality service to customers,” Mr Abrahams said.

Both companies share a dedication to serving communities that are deaf, hard-of-hearing, and those who are otherwise marginalised by unequal access. ACS CEO and Co-Founder Phil Hyssong said ACS was founded on the principle of “creating a company that respected everyone,” and that they found a like-minded vision in Ai-Media.

Ai-Media has said that the integration process for the acquisition will be gradual, allowing the companies to merge and grow at the same time. Both Ai-Media and ACS will retain their brands and build on them.

Read the full media release about the acquisition.


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