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Captioning Your Live Stream: A How-To by Ai-Media

Live streaming is one of the great achievements of modern technology.

It means we can share an experience with someone on the other side of the world, at exactly the same time.

And we don’t even have to go outside!

But while live streams make content accessible to many, but they are only truly accessible when they have captions. Without them, deaf and hard-of-hearing people – as well as many people with other disabilities – are excluded from the content.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create access for everyone on your live stream! So we’ve put together this easy guide to captioning your live stream.

Basics of Live Streaming

Live streaming is a way of making live video content available to your audience via the internet.

A live stream is produced by creators and viewed by audiences at the same time, with minimal to no delay, and no file to download on the audience’s end.

These features make live streaming a convenient and very popular way to consume content!

Common things that people live stream include: online events, talks, music or theatre performances, public meetings, university events including graduation ceremonies, funerals, government announcements and updates, and anything tailored for audiences that use social media.

How to Add Captions

Captioning your live stream is super easy.

Ai-Media takes care of the entire process for you – from creating and adding our captions to sending your live stream to its destination. We have both the technology and the human expertise.

There is no extra software or hardware required on your part.

All you need to do is get in touch and once prompted by our friendly team, provide some simple details – including the destination of your live stream, times and duration – to get your live stream captions up and running!

If You Have Specific Preferences

You might have specific preferences in how you would like your captions delivered or displayed. We can be flexible!

Very large or small events

Very large and small events alike can be captioned on a live stream. At Ai-Media, our services are more scalable than most because we have a great number of expert captioners on staff.

To give an example, we caption the live stream of the World Economic Forum each year – which can run up to 90 streams at once!

Closed or open captions

We can provide you with closed captions (which can be toggled on and off by all viewers) or open captions (which are burned on to the stream and can not be turned off) for your live stream.

This gives you the flexibility to choose when and where your audience can see the captions.

Translating to other languages

Translate your content into any language with our comprehensive range of multilingual services.

Multiple platforms

We can send your captioned stream to multiple platforms at the same time. There are no limits!

If you’d like to know more about Ai-Media’s live streaming caption services or any of our other services, just get in touch.


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