Case Study:

REGENTACT brings back beloved TV series with subtitles

Located in Hong Kong, REGENTACT distributes TV series, movies and variety programs, including classic films and dramas.

Their notable titles include Under the PowerSnow TowerThe Legend of DuGuBeautiful Reborn Flower, and Empresses of The Palace, among many other much-loved Asian films and programs.

REGENTACT’s major markets include Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, North America, Taiwan and several European countries.

Photo of a person using a tablet device. On the screen, a woman stands in a field wearing a colorful robe. The sun is out and she has her hand covering part of her face. She is smiling slightly. A caption at the bottom of the screen reads, "I saw the sun rise over the hills for the first time."

The Situation

REGENTACT has a close relationship with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in Hong Kong, and in March 2020, REGENTACT launched its exclusive content zone, Drama More Mall, on TVB’s pay VOD service, myTV Super.

REGENTACT also started running its own official channel Hotspot! on YouTube, to carry its content internationally.

A few years ago, REGENTACT remastered a number of popular, classic TV series into high-definition video, and wanted to add bilingual Chinese and English subtitles to their catalogue.

The Solution

REGENTACT reached out to Ai-Media to subtitle several series with both Chinese and English subtitles. The English-language subtitles enabled REGENTACT to reach new audiences in Europe, Canada, U.S., and Latin America.

“It has been very easy to work with Ai-Media, and Ai-Media’s subtitles are of superior quality,” said REGENTACT Marketing Executive Maggie Choi.

“They are masters of the translation, and the presentation of the captions are very readable and closely match the dialogue. The subtitles Ai-Media provided to our catalogue of content broadens our audience and helps viewers enjoy every moment … We look forward to continuing to work with them to extend our viewership.”

Asher Loy, Ai-Media VP in Asia, said, “The most progressive video content distributors are able to think globally and target international audiences. This requires the translation into multiple languages. Ai-Media gives clients very high-quality captions, translations and subtitles.”

Pleased with Ai-Media’s efficiency and high-quality work, Ai-Media is REGENTACT’s exclusive captioning partner.

Why Captions Are Critical

The most modern and forward-thinking Asian companies are captioning their content. While it’s not as common as in Western countries, where closed captioning is a regulatory requirement, the most progressive companies in Asia see the returns and how captions extend the reach of their content.

The truth is, captions engage and broaden audiences in many ways

Because they offer an alternative, text-based way to consume video and live streamed content, they enable deaf and hard-of-hearing people to enjoy content.

Secondly, captions support people watching video content that is not in their native language.

And finally, in a world where people are watching video all the time and in all kinds of places, captions provide flexibility, so no word is lost in uncontrolled environments. Research has shown that videos with captions receive better engagement than videos without captions.

To find out more about Ai-Media’s captioning and other services, visit the Ai-Media website.

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