Person at home working at a laptop and reading captions. Because of coronavirus, her colleagues are also in isolation and are pictured behind her in different rooms and connected to her by lines.

Why Captions Are Here to Stay during the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has caught us all off-guard. After all, this is an unprecedented, once-in-a-century event. But rest assured, Ai-Media’s captions aren’t going anywhere because of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s why.

Our captioners are working (from home)

Great news! Ai-Media’s captioners are still at work. We’re lucky that we can work remotely, and most of our services are delivered online, so working from home is not a problem. We’re also a global company, so even if someone in your area is not available, there will be captioners in another location who can assist you.

You need captioning now more than ever

We’re physically isolated from each other right now, which means we need other ways to stay in touch. Luckily, we have the internet! There are so many important messages being circulated online right now, so our communication needs to be as widely accessible as possible. There’s never been a more important time for captions. And it’s our priority to get them to you.

This crisis has taught us all about the importance of equal access

Accessibility is always front and center of our minds, and the coronavirus pandemic has put into sharp relief just how crucial accessible information is for communities who are marginalized in everyday life. We won’t negotiate on inclusion. It’s the reason we exist. So never fear, your captions are here to stay.

Watch our Auslan video below to find out more about captions during coronavirus. Or find the Media Alternative Transcript here.

If your content needs captioning, get in touch with Ai-Media to receive a quote!



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