Black and white photo of Bill McLaughlin smiling in front of a brick building

Bill McLaughlin

Chief Product Officer

Bill McLaughlin is CTO at EEG and also now Chief Product Officer globally at Ai-Media. Since 2007, Bill has been with EEG in software development, engineering management, and product roles, and has architected the company’s leading software solutions including iCap, Falcon, Lexi, and Alta. Bill initiated EEG’s entry into cloud SAAS business models which have become the company’s fastest growing segment and is a leader in the live IP video production community. Bill holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Columbia University.

Deanne is passionate about community engagement and the power of storytelling to help influence social change. Deanne was a long-term Board member and Deputy Chair at Screen Australia and in 2017 was appointed Chair of the Sydney Film Festival. Deanne is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

In addition to her role as Board Chair, Deanne is a member of RNC (Remuneration and Nomination Committee). 

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