LEXI Leash

Release: 2.0.0

What’s New

Lexi Leash is a Windows application that you can connect to your EEGCloud account to create, monitor, stop, re-start and log Lexi Automatic Captioning jobs.

This new application is designed to help Lexi customers:

  • Easily track Lexi usage quotas
  • Restart jobs similar to previous sessions with one button click
  • Monitor current session status
  • Avoid unintended charges from sessions accidentally left running

To install Lexi Leash, please download the MSI file and install on any Windows 7 or higher PC.

v 2.0.0 – Update to work with Lexi Instances, not Jobs.

v 1.2.1 – Update to support additional voice recognition engine choices for Lexi.

v 1.1.0 – Updated to put application logs in userdata folder instead of application directory.


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