LEXI Viewer (AV610)

Release: 2.1.0

Release Notes:

    • New configurable Display modes
      • Display a fullscreen background image instead of upstream video. JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and SVG are supported.
    • Allow control over caption text: position, font, size, and color
    • Allow custom fonts
  • Enhanced support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in on-screen decoder
  • Lexi Controller 1.3.5
    • Higher-accuracy Lexi 2.0 speech recognition engine
    • Compatibility with Lexi Local
    • Lexi Vision positioning
    • Optional automatic restart for jobs terminated by inactivity timeout
    • Ability to disable the profanity filter, which is enabled by default
  • Optional Locked mode restricts access to unit for higher security
  • Many bug fixes


Follow the steps below to apply your product update through the AV610 web interface:

  • Download and save the update file to your local computer.
  • Navigate to the Update web page on the encoder and browse for the upgrade file.
  • Select the EEG update file you just saved and then click Submit to apply the update.

Follow the steps below to apply your product update through the AV610 front panel USB port:

  • Download and save the update file to your local computer.
  • Copy the file to the top-level directory on a USB flash drive. Do not copy the file to a sub-folder or the encoder will not detect the upgrade file and the process will fail.
  • Place the drive in the front panel USB slot of the encoder.
  • Browse to System Setup | Update using the front panel LCD and press OK when the name of the update is displayed.

This upgrade will reboot the encoder once it is complete.

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