AI-Media Attends Broadcast Asia

Ai-Media attends BroadcastAsia

Visit Ai-Media at BroadcastAsia to Discover the Power of AI-Enhanced Captioning

Visit Ai-Media at BroadcastAsia to Discover the Power of AI-Enhanced Captioning

AI is rapidly transforming the global economy, and broadcast captioning is prime to reap its benefits. Join Ai-Media at BroadcastAsia to discover how broadcasters can achieve new levels of captioning accuracy, quality and cost-efficiency with our range of AI-powered solutions.

Discover LEXI 3.0 – The future of automatic captioning

Visit booth 6C3-08 in Hall 6 from 7 to 9 June to experience LEXI 3.0 – the world’s most advanced and accurate automatic captioning solution. Trusted by the world’s leading broadcasters, this new and improved version of Ai-Media’s flagship captioning solution leverages the power of AI to deliver results rivalling human captions, at a fraction of the cost.

LEXI 3.0 boasts an average accuracy of 98.7% and delivers revolutionary features like automated speaker identification and AI-powered caption placement to avoid interference with on-screen visuals.

All this makes LEXI 3.0 the perfect solution to cost-effectively ensure accessibility compliance – whether to caption a TV broadcast or OTT platform. Plus, LEXI 3.0 can live translate in over 30 languages.

Why is LEXI 3.0 so accurate?

One of the keys to LEXI 3.0’s accuracy is its unique Topic Models – otherwise known as a custom dictionary. Powered by AI, this feature greatly improves automatic caption accuracy by allowing LEXI 3.0 to recognize unusual or domain-specific words, phrases, names and context.

A Topic Model consists of text-training data such as common phrases expected to be heard during the audio program, proper nouns which are desired to be recognized but would not be found in a standard dictionary, and pronunciation clues for any new words. When this data is entered into a Topic Model, LEXI 3.0’s ASR engine learns to produce terms correctly when it ‘hears’ them, through the power of AI.

Broadcasters can easily add text-training data into a Topic Model, either manually or via LEXI 3.0’s data scraping feature. This allows you to scan a website, for instance, and all custom terms and phrases are automatically uploaded into a Topic Model. Broadcasters can save even more time by requesting the assistance of Ai-Media’s team of captioning experts to manage custom dictionary curation as part of a managed service.

How the Portland Trail Blazers enhanced broadcast captioning with LEXI 3.0

LEXI 3.0’s AI-driven capabilities have achieved particularly stellar results in the world of sports broadcasting, with world-famous franchises like the Portland Trail Blazers making the most of the enhanced accuracy its Topic Models provide.

The Trail Blazers previously used live human captioners to provide accessibility for its game coverage. However, its technical team was spending significant time managing captioning resources, and the cost of human captions soon exceeded its production budget.

By using LEXI 3.0, the Trail Blazers can now live caption their games with over 98% accuracy while also decreasing per-hour captioning costs. LEXI 3.0’s Topic Models provide enhanced accuracy by recognizing sports-specific terms, as well as athlete, commentator and venue names.

“LEXI has provided us with accuracy above expectations, while significantly reducing our costs,” said Bruce Williams, Technical Manager for the Trail Blazers.

How Ai-Media ensures the most secure, best quality captions

In an increasingly volatile cyber landscape, it’s more important than ever for broadcasters to partner with a captioning provider that can ensure maximum security and uptime. By combining LEXI 3.0 with Ai-Media’s cutting-edge captioning infrastructure and iCap Cloud Network, broadcasters can ensure the highest quality, most secure captions in the world.

LEXI 3.0 seamlessly integrates with Ai-Media’s range of captioning encoders and its iCap Cloud Network – the world’s largest and most secure captioning delivery network. Over 88.9 million minutes of captioned content is carried over the iCap Cloud Network yearly, with broadcast content representing a sizable proportion. And it’s no wonder why, as it ensures unmatched network uptime and the cleanest method of distributing audio and video, providing the best quality captions.

The iCap Cloud Network provides the ability to connect with whatever caption solution you choose, including human captioners across the globe. It also provides a back-up plan if technical difficulties prevent captions from being delivered to screens; allowing you to switch to LEXI 3.0 for a primary or back-up, always-on service.

Traditional methods of caption delivery such as dial up modems are more vulnerable than ever. So having a guaranteed failsafe like that provided by the iCap Cloud Network is a must. And you can always rely on Ai-Media’s technical support team, who are located across the globe and provide 24/7 support.

Future-proofed caption encoding with iCap Alta

If you’re looking for an end-to-end captioning solution that’s not only secure and cost-efficient, but also leverages streamlined, resilient IP workflows, you can combine LEXI 3.0 with Ai-Media’s cloud-based, API-powered iCap Alta IP encoder.

Boasting SRT support, iCap Alta ensures the highest quality video streams over unpredictable networks. And it works with popular live IP production standards like MPEG Transport Stream, SMPTE-2110 and CDI. The result is live captions in standards-compatible formats that plug-and-play with worldwide broadcast and OTT video systems.

iCap Alta can also be conveniently installed on-premises, in the AWS Cloud or as a VM.

Cost-efficient, reliable SDI encoding

For those yet to make the digital transformation leap to IP, Ai-Media’s iCap Encode Pro is the perfect solution to embed captions into a HD-SDI video signal. It’s trusted by major TV networks worldwide, offering a low operational cost and low-latency caption display.

iCap Encode Pro provides high-tech capabilities to meet varying broadcast and streaming needs, from local broadcasts, to municipal, educational and corporate meetings. It’s simple to set up and works with most common broadcast video formats.

And like all of Ai-Media’s encoders, iCap Encode Pro seamlessly integrates with LEXI 3.0 to provide an end-to-end broadcast captioning solution, backed by the highly secure iCap Cloud Network.

iCap Viewer caption connectivity for AV displays

Ai-Media’s iCap Viewer is the ultimate HD-SDI captioning device for your event presentations, allowing you to easily output live captions to in-venue AV displays. With its high-resolution output, this device ensures that your captions are clear and easy to read, while keeping your presentations fully visible. It scales input video down by 15%, providing a dedicated space for your captions to ensure they don’t interfere with your video content.

You can display captions above or below the video area, and adjust font, size, text color, and more to match your brand and style. With 100% customizable options, your captions will look professional and seamless.

Customization is key with the iCap Viewer, with the ability to choose from four display modes to suit your presentation style. One particularly popular option is Full Screen Mode, which allows you to decode a full screen of captions over a fully black background, with as many rows as can fit the screen. New line breaks are automatically inserted every three sentences and for each speaker change, if enabled in LEXI.

iCap Viewer is ideal for in-person events, like municipal town halls, business conferences, sports stadiums and music venues. And it can be paired with LEXI 3.0 for an all-in-one, seamlessly integrated event display solution.

Quickly and easily caption recorded content with LEXI Recorded

If you need to caption time-sensitive news clips, highlights, and promos, Lexi Recorded makes it simple. This fully automated, zero-touch solution captions recorded content and uploads it to your preferred content platform within five to ten minutes.

The newly released Lexi Recorded is a gamechanger for broadcasters, offering unmatched accuracy combined with automated broadcast style and formatting. And it can also caption your content in over 30 languages.

Join Ai-Media at Broadcast Asia

Make sure you register for BroadcastAsia and visit Ai-Media at booth 6C3-08 in Hall 6 to discover how we can help elevate your broadcast captioning. You can even book a one-on-one meeting with our team to discuss your specific needs.

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