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Ai-Media Launches Live Subtitling with GB News in UK Broadcast First

Ai-Media is excited to announce that it has launched 24/7 live subtitling on leading UK broadcaster GB News.

Ai-Media Launches Live Subtitling with GB News in UK Broadcast First

Ai-Media is excited to announce that it has launched 24/7 live subtitling on GB News. The broadcaster becomes the first in the UK to simplify subtitle delivery with Ai-Media’s end-to-end subtitling technology and market-leading infrastructure.

GB News, which launched in 2021 to include more voices and opinions in the UK’s national conversation, is available free on Freeview, Freesat, Sky, YouView, Virgin Media, via Apps and on social media. Its Chief Executive Officer, Angelos Frangopoulos, said GB News decided to invest in subtitles due to its commitment to be accessible to all viewers across the UK.

“As The People’s Channel, it is hugely important to us to include all voices across the United Kingdom, especially beyond London,” he said. “While we always planned subtitles, we brought them forward when viewers contacted us in their hundreds to request better accessibility to GB News.”

Ai-Media Helps GB News Simplify Subtitling with End-To-End Solution

To help GB News realize its vision for accessibility, Ai-Media delivered a comprehensive solution that provides all the subtitling technology it needs in one place.

GB News now subtitles its 24/7 coverage, including its live feed on YouTube, with up to 98.5% accuracy thanks to Ai-Media’s LEXI automatic subtitling solution. And in a UK broadcast first, the network delivers subtitles to viewers’ screens thanks to Ai-Media’s encoder technology and subtitle delivery infrastructure – which have long been a mainstay for broadcasters worldwide.

GB News ensures seamless subtitle delivery with Ai-Media’s iCap Encode Pro – the broadcast industry’s leading HD-SDI encoder – and our iCap Network, which is the largest and most reliable subtitle delivery network in the world.

Enhancing Live Subtitle Accuracy with LEXI

Central to Ai-Media’s end-to-end solution is LEXI, which uses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver accuracy approaching that of human subtitles, but at half the typical price. And it’s for this reason that GB News chose Ai-Media as their subtitling partner.

“The combination of AI technology with human oversight means that after an initial bedding down period, our captions will be 98.5% accurate,” said GB News Head of Technology and Operations, Stephen Willmott. “It’s great to be able to launch them now and viewers have already told us how delighted they are.”

Ai-Media’s expert team enhance GB News’ live subtitle accuracy by building out custom dictionaries that enable LEXI to recognize domain-specific terms, phrases and context. They also provide live support for job scheduling and management, as well as 24/7 subtitle monitoring.

All these services help GB News save time and reduce costs, while enhancing live subtitle quality and reliability.

Subtitles Made Easy with Ai-Media’s Leading Tech Infrastructure

Ai-Media’s end-to-end subtitling technology and infrastructure helps ensure simplified production workflows and reliable, low-latency subtitle display, while reducing operational costs. GB News now enjoys all these benefits by becoming one of the many major broadcasters worldwide to have chosen Ai-Media as their subtitling partner.

“We are extremely pleased that GB News has become the first UK broadcaster to subtitle its 24/7 coverage with Ai-Media’s end-to-end range of subtitling technology and infrastructure,” said Ai-Media’s General Manager, Global Strategic Accounts, Mark Lovatt.

“Ai-Media has for decades been the leading subtitling vendor for broadcasters in the EMEA, Americas and APAC regions, providing all the software, hardware and human services they need in one place.

“By partnering with Ai-Media, GB News will benefit from the best of our ASR technology, encoder hardware and subtitling infrastructure to simplify subtitle delivery and ensure accessibility for its millions of viewers in the UK, Ireland and around the globe.”

About GB News

GB News launched in 2021 to shake up news broadcasting by including more non-metropolitan in the national conversation. As Britain’s first broadcast news start-up for 34 years, GB News is winning loyal audiences with its refreshingly different and more inclusive approach to news and debate.

Its DAB+ radio service is the fastest-growing news station in the country. The channel is available free on Freeview channel 236, Sky 515, YouView 236, Virgin Media 604 & Freesat 216. It is also live worldwide on via free apps for iOS and Android, on YouTube, and at, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

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