Breaking Barriers: AI-Media and StreamShark Collaborate to Revolutionize Digital Accessibility


AI-Media is thrilled to announce our partnership with StreamShark, the innovative Australian-based streaming platform, to integrate our cutting-edge LEXI automated captioning solutions into their streaming service. This collaboration underscores our unwavering commitment to making online content accessible to all users, irrespective of their hearing abilities. We’re excited to collaborate closely with StreamShark and witness the profound impact our captioning solutions will have on users worldwide.


The integration of AI-Media’s LEXI captioning solutions into StreamShark’s streaming platform holds tremendous promise for various user groups. This partnership ensures that individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing can fully engage with content without relying solely on audio cues. Additionally, it enhances the viewing experience for those in noisy environments or situations where audio playback is impractical, such as public spaces or shared living environments. Captions also serve as a valuable tool for improving literacy skills, particularly for individuals learning a new language or struggling with reading proficiency.



StreamShark’s modus operandi revolves around delivering automated solutions with simplicity, and this integration is no exception. With the simple click of a button, users can activate AI-Media’s LEXI captions, enhancing accessibility without interrupting their viewer’s experience.

Moreover, users have the option to further optimize captioning accuracy by incorporating LEXI’s Topic Models, which refine captions based on specific subject matter or context. By seamlessly embedding AI-Media’s LEXI captioning solutions into the StreamShark platform, users can now enjoy a more enriched streaming experience, with captions that are accurate, timely, and tailored to their needs.

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James Broberg from StreamShark shared his thoughts on the new integration, “We are excited to bring one click enablement of AI-Media’s LEXI captioning system to our live event platform. Now every StreamShark customer has easy access to their industry leading caption services for live events big and small – making them more accessible and enriching the metadata and discoverability of video content”.

The integration of captioning solutions into streaming platforms represents a significant milestone in the ongoing quest for digital inclusivity. As online content continues to proliferate across various platforms and genres, ensuring that it remains accessible to all users is paramount. Through collaborations like the one between AI-Media and StreamShark, the digital landscape becomes more inclusive, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among diverse audiences.


Heading To NAB Show 2024 – See for yourself!

Both AI-Media and StreamShark will be exhibiting at the NAB Show 2024 happening from 14-17 April in Las Vegas, USA. Visit the StreamShark booth ( W1512) to view the integrated captions in action. The StreamShark team will be on hand to demo their solution, so be sure to swing by to see this partnership firsthand. Book a demo with the StreamShark Team meeting HERE

You will find the AI-Media team at Booth #W1813. At the booth, we’ll have our flagship LEXI captioning solutions, IP and SDI caption encoders, PLUS two brand new solutions – LEXI DR (Disaster Recovery) and LEXI Recorded. If you’d like to learn more about the AI-Media Captioning Technology and Solutions, book a 1:1 Meeting at NAB HERE.

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