Ai-Media’s iCap Alta Encoders Now Support SRT Protocol

Learn how iCap Alta SRT can enhance the security, resiliency and quality of your video when streaming.

Ai-Media’s iCap Alta Encoders Now Support SRT Protocol

Ai-Media is proud to announce that our line of iCap Alta IP video closed caption encoders now support SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) streaming video protocol.

Bill McLaughlin, Chief Product Officer at Ai-Media, says SRT support further enhances the video quality and security offered by the iCap Alta range, while saving time and reducing costs for customers.

“Ai-Media customers can now use iCap Alta to get high quality live captioning into more streaming events and OTT video applications with increased security and resilience for their video streams, all working across the public internet. This translates into quicker channel setup with lower and more flexible cost structure, without sacrificing best-in-class accessibility.”

What is SRT?

SRT is a new open-source video transport protocol that supports low-latency, high-performance video streaming across unpredictable or noisy networks like the public internet. Essentially, it helps ensure you can stream the highest quality video over the most troublesome networks.

SRT enhances streaming performance by delivering secure streams and simplified firewall traversal. It adapts to real-time network conditions, minimizing packet loss, jitter and fluctuating bandwidth, while enhancing security and providing endpoint adjustment. All this ensures your video is of the highest quality possible.

Why Use SRT?

SRT is recommended for customers transporting video from site-to-site over cloud or public internet. It’s more reliable over long-distances or lossy internet connections than other protocols, like RTMP or UDP. And because SRT supports encryption, it protects your stream more effectively from eavesdropping over internet routers outside your organization’s direct control.

Robust Testing Confirms Success For iCap Alta’s SRT Support

Ai-Media has seen excellent results testing iCap Alta’s SRT implementation with products from other leading video ecosystem vendors, including Amazon Web Services, Brightcove and Wowza.

All iCap Alta features for MPEG Transport Streams are also supported with SRT wrapped streams. This includes the addition of CTA-608 and CTA-708 embedded closed captioning, DVB Teletext, DVB Subtitles, and SCTE-35 ad insertion triggers.

Live captioning into iCap Alta can be sourced from our LEXI automatic captioning solution. Also, from Ai-Media’s human captioners or partners of our iCap captioning delivery network.

iCap Alta SRT Delivers Success to Our Customers

iCap Alta SRT offers a powerful solution that’s already helping our customers ensure the highest quality video streams. One notable success story is an Australian state parliament, which used SRT to transport video produced on site at the parliament to a streaming video site for the public, which was powered by Brightcove.

The parliament uses a video encoder that supports SRT, as does Brightcove, therefore it was vital for Alta to support SRT as well.

Want to Know More About iCap Alta’s SRT Support?

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