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Off the Cloud & On Prem: How Lexi Local Maximizes Captioning Security & Reliability

Learn how Ai-Media’s on-premises captioning solution, Lexi Local, can help you ensure maximum data security.

Off the Cloud & On Prem: How Lexi Local Maximizes Captioning Security & Reliability

Smooth, reliable and secure delivery of live captions – whether for a virtual meeting, event or a TV broadcast – is a top priority when you’re looking to provide accessibility. But what happens if you lose internet connectivity, or worse yet, your stream is compromised by hackers?

The risks of operating in the cloud

Unfortunately, there are very real risks when operating in the cloud.

For broadcasters and live streamers, losing cloud connectivity while captioning your content can mean your captions drop out midway through a broadcast, which can have serious implications if you’re legally required to provide accessibility.

This risk is even greater at times when you may have less technical team personnel on deck to troubleshoot connectivity issues, such as over traditional holiday periods.

For organizations that live caption virtual meetings and events, they face the additional risk of sensitive information being leaked through the cloud. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in targeting cloud vulnerabilities at organizations, and virtual meetings are firmly in their cross hairs.

How you can ensure secure, always-available captioning

It’s because of risks like these that Ai-Media’s Lexi Local was invented. Offering all the same benefits as Ai-Media’s leading ASR solution Lexi, the solution delivers live automated captions from a standalone private service, on premises, without cloud connectivity.

Lexi Local, which comes as a pre-configured rack-mount device, is ideal for any organization or broadcaster requiring enhanced data security and reliability as part of their captioning solution. Like the cloud-hosted Lexi, Lexi Local delivers low-latency captions with up to 98% accuracy. And it comes at a fixed annual cost, which means you enjoy the same price even if you’re a heavy user.

You can also connect your Lexi Local server with on-site human captioners without the use of an external network, or to remote captioners via your VPN. And the solution is compatible with any of Ai-Media’s range of encoders.

What are 3 ways Lexi Local can help you?

Aside from its high-accuracy automated captions that are trusted by the world’s leading organizations, Lexi Local offers a range of benefits including:

1. Maximum data security and control

With Lexi Local, no data leaves your network. Organizations can securely caption internal meetings and events where proprietary information is discussed, without uploading content to a third-party. This means you can provide accessibility while meeting internal data and privacy regulations surrounding classified data.

2. 100% reliable caption delivery

If you lose cloud connectivity, it’s not a problem. Lexi Local ensures your captions can be delivered at all times.

3. A failsafe disaster recovery plan

Lexi Local is also a great disaster recovery backup for broadcasters that usually use a cloud-hosted captioning solution. If there’s a connectivity outage with your captioning provider, Lexi Local can be immediately activated to ensure captioning continuity.

Want to Know More?

To learn more about Lexi Local and how you can get started with this innovative solution, contact our team at .

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