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Ai-Media Premium Live Captions Now Integrated on Microsoft Teams

We’re thrilled to announce that Microsoft Teams users can now integrate Ai-Media’s live captions into their meetings.

Ai-Media Premium Live Captions Now Integrated on Microsoft Teams

If you’ve ever missed a word or piece of technical lingo in a meeting, you’ll understand how important accurate captions are to keeping everyone engaged and on the same page.

We’re thrilled to announce that Microsoft Teams users can now integrate Ai-Media’s high-accuracy live captions into their meetings on Microsoft Teams.

This means that our high-accuracy live captioning solutions can be seamlessly viewed within your Microsoft Teams platform – on the same screen as your meeting.

A turning point in live captioning on Microsoft Teams

The use of human-generated captioning (as opposed to automatic captioning) in Microsoft Teams has been a long-awaited feature on the platform.

Microsoft Teams has been providing out-of-the box Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) live captions for some time. While a positive step in the right direction, the lower accuracy of standard out-of-the box ASR captioning solutions were not meeting the needs of large enterprise Microsoft customers and many in the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Microsoft acknowledged this gap and has been working with Ai-Media to close it. And close it we have!

What this means for you

The new CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) captioning feature is in the process of rolling out. It offers Microsoft Teams users the flexibility to choose a higher-accuracy captioning option for their live captions in their meetings.

Ai-Media has been recognized during the pilot/beta phases of the Microsoft Teams caption integration as industry experts. We provided our input to the final delivered feature set for Teams, and started providing our integrated services on Teams from Day One.

So, we are ready to provide your captions! Just get in touch with Ai-Media to discuss the best live captioning options for your particular needs. The MS Teams integrated closed captioning feature is subject to its launch on individual Microsoft Teams accounts. If you do not yet have access to this feature, contact Microsoft for details.

Get our live captioning on Zoom, Adobe Connect and more

As well as Microsoft Teams, Ai-Media provides seamless live captioning services to Zoom, Adobe Connect, and other platforms that have recognized the value of high-quality professional captions in meeting platforms.

For any platforms that do not have this key feature, we recommend captioning through our industry-leading live captioning viewer Ai-Live. Ai-Live is a customizable live caption viewer that enables our captions to be displayed alongside your meeting, live stream or any other videoconferencing session.

Want to know more about our captioning solutions? Get in touch with our friendly team.

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