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4 Reasons to Live Caption Your Zoom Meeting

See how you captions can maximize engagement and accessibility for your Zoom Meetings.

Zoom’s video conferencing platform is growing rapidly as more people than ever work – and socialise – from home. It’s a popular option right now to connect with our work colleagues and loved ones. We’re also using it to get access to important information.

This is the perfect time to maximize the impact of your Zoom meeting. A great way to make your meeting as engaging and inclusive as possible is by adding live captions.

Live captions offer more flexible options for your meeting attendees to connect with you, and they create a more satisfying meeting experience. Captions have also been found to improve attendee engagement and information retention in meetings. And they make your meeting accessible to people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.

There has never been a better time to harness these great benefits of live captioning your Zoom meeting.

1. A more flexible user experience

Flexibility is both essential and expected in the midst of our busy lives. If members of your meeting are on the move, multitasking, or in a noisy place where they can’t hear your audio, captions are an important option to keep them looped in to the conversation. Similarly, if some of your attendees are in a quiet place and can’t turn their sound on, live captions will keep them engaged.

And if someone can’t attend the meeting at all, or they can only make part of it, your live captions will be used to create a full transcript of the meeting content that can be downloaded and referenced after the meeting.

2. Better attendee engagement

Live captions make your Zoom meeting more engaging and easier to understand for all attendees. In fact, captions have been found to improve the comprehension of video content  for both hearing and deaf attendees, and numerous studies show a positive learning response to captions among students. Captions also catch and hold your attendees’ attention for longer, and improve their capacity to retain the information they have learned in the meeting.

These are great assets not only for making your meeting more engaging for attendees, but to ensure that you successfully communicate any important information – especially anything that needs to be remembered. Your next business meeting on Zoom could be so much more productive just by adding live captions!

3. Improved accessibility

Adding live captions to your Zoom meeting also opens up your meeting to a much broader range of people in your community. It makes your meeting accessible to attendees who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, and it improves comprehension for people watching in their non-native language.

Over five per cent of the world’s population has significant hearing loss, and many more live and work in places where they are learning a new language. By adding live captions to your Zoom meeting, you are including at least this many more people in your communications. And you can be confident that your meeting is welcoming to people who would otherwise be excluded from connecting with you.

4. A more satisfied customer

Whether you’re holding a Zoom meeting with colleagues, clients or good friends; the flexibility, accessibility and engagement that live captions offer make for a more satisfying experience for all your meeting attendees.

They will be thankful that you made the effort to include them, engage their interest, and work to their changing needs by adding live captions to your Zoom meeting.

Trust us, your meetings have never been this good!

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