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5 Immediate SEO Boosts to Video Transcript

Video transcription is more useful than you think.

5 Immediate SEO Boosts to Video Transcription

Video transcription is more useful than you think. With, transcripts are a breeze to order leaving more time to boost the search engine optimization of your website and maintain high Google rankings. From increasing traffic, building more links, and even speeding up content production, we’ll walk you through how video transcription is a great method to boost SEO, and online marketing practices.

With transcripts, you’ll start to see benefits almost immediately. By increasing traffic, you’re producing more leads which generate more sales, and eventually revenue. Regardless of your skill level, transcripts are provide real value to your work. is only one of many online resources dealing with video captions and transcripts. From $1 a minute, it’s possible to transcribe any audio or video file quickly.


Online marketing for video content hinges on Google’s complex algorithm. Whether or not your content ranks well isn’t based on quality, but rather how your content meets certain criteria that favors Google’s average search terms. Google wants to show the best results possible for its users.

Video content today is the most widely shared, and popular vehicle to spread your brand on the internet. With most social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube focusing on more video content, ranking well in Google is super competitive. To gain an edge on your competition, transcripts hold the key to nail the absolute basics of SEO. Here are 5 benefits that transcripts bring almost immediately.

5 Benefits of Video Transcripts

1. Higher search rankings

2. Increased traffic

3. Link building opportunities

4. More time spent watching, and lower bounce rates

5. Speed up content creation

Higher search rankings

One disadvantage to video content is how Google crawls information. When detecting things like relevancy in your content, Google does not analyze the content of videos. Transcripts prevent you losing out by having the content on script, meaning when Google crawls your content, the transcripts provides keywords that can be tracked and ranked.

As well as rank, relevancy and other crucial information is detected during Google’s crawl. As the Google AI learns, it is trying to provide the best and most relevant results for its customers. By having relevant keywords (thanks to transcripts) Google recognizes your content as important and boosts its rankings.

Increased traffic

Now that we’ve established that SEO rankings improve with transcripts, it’s safe to say that naturally your website traffic will also improve. It is known that rankings and traffic go together; as your keywords climb higher to the top page more viewers will click into your landing page, and content.


The best zone for optimum traffic is within the top 10 search results on the first result page. Any links beyond this see a huge drop in click percentages and engagement. So, the higher your keyword rankings, the higher your traffic. There is a direct correlation.

Link building opportunities

Link building can be a tough gig. For SEO, it involves internally linking to your own content while looking for external sources to link back to your website. Video transcripts are a godsend for anyone focusing on building links.

Transcripts can boost internal links by referring to other relevant content you have on your own website. An example of this involves discussing product features, pricing, or FAQ’s and then linking the relevant pages in the transcript. Here, visitors are directed from one corner of your website, to another. This keeps viewers on your content for longer.

Statistically, content with videos, images, and lists receive 70 percent more links than those with just images and lists alone. This means that other websites are looking to share the most visually appealing and relevant content [they’re also trying to rank well!]. By having a video and transcripts, you’re increasing your chances of building external links.

More time spent watching, and lower bounce rates

With transcripts viewers who are willing to engage with the content, will read it. If you have Deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers clicking onto your video content, they won’t be able to hear the audio and click away. This also involves anyone who listens with the audio on mute [like during commutes etc]. By preventing people from clicking away, you will increase time spent on your website and lower bounce-rates.

Keep in mind, that transcripts make your content accessible to almost everyone regardless of ability. If Deaf or hard-of-hearing visitors can access content, they might stick around and share it, further boosting watch time and lowering bounce rates.

Speed up content creation

Sourcing original content can be hard. However, transcripts inadvertently make content creation much smoother. When you have transcripts for video content, it can be easy to take the major keywords and use it as the basis for long-form blog content. Longer written content like blogs rank well in google, and make good anchors keeping visitors around for longer. With the transcript already available, some simple edits and images can make for a good read!




Social media also helps. You can simply edit some snippets of the transcript into little chunks to share on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Social media followings are another asset that can build a reliable source of website traffic, so link back to your website or content.

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