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iCap Alta™

Software Caption Encoder for Live IP Video

IP video production is the future of broadcasting. And iCap Alta is the answer for any broadcaster planning closed captioning or subtitling in IP video environments.

Alta’s virtualized technology connects these modern workflows to our universal iCap network — making live captioning a seamless and natural part of your programming.

iCap Alta powers your application with 24/7 connectivity to captioning services. Both SCTE-35 Regionalization and Ad Triggering Digital Program Insertion cues can be injected into transport streams, and fully read and analyzed.

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Alta supports all captioning and subtitling standards.

iCap Alta™ is Highly flexible

iCap Alta was designed from the ground up to accommodate broadcasters transitioning from hardware-driven SDI workflows to software-controlled IP video environments. Alta can be conveniently installed on-premises and is also proven with the full suite of AWS Media technologies for public cloud power and flexibility.
With iCap Alta, modern IP and legacy SDI workflows are unified under the same iCap Cloud — allowing a seamless transition from hardware-driven caption insertion. iCap Alta is also available as a software library for custom integration.

Captioning also forms a cornerstone of many accessibility regulations, and our captioning options can help you stay 100% compliant.  

Seamless transitioning

Alta can be deployed as a standalone virtual machine on VirtualBox, Cisco, or Microsoft Controllers. The technology is also available as a software library for custom integration.

Multiple streaming modes

Each VM is configured for processing either MPEG Transport Streams, SMPTE 2110 or CDI uncompressed IP video. The SMPTE 2110 Alta VM supports PTP, NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 Connection Management, and the JT-NM TR-1001 "Full Stack" specification.

Ensure highest quality video

iCap Alta SRT enhances the security, resiliency and quality of your video when streaming over unpredictable networks like the public internet. Save time with quicker channel setup and a lower, more flexible cost structure.

Software-driven control

iCap Alta is controlled through a web browser interface or via scripting automation tools.

SCTE-35 insertion component

This licensed add-on is available for injecting SCTE-35 program insertion cues directly into MPEG transport streams (trigger with any commercial or custom trigger management software using the SCTE-104 protocol standard over the network).

SCTE-35 full decoding and logging

All SCTE-35 triggers from incoming streams are timestamped and logged to disk for future inspection, with a complete message parser and API access to the raw data.

Industry-standard closed captioning encoder

The HD492 is trusted by major TV networks and live venues worldwide, with a low operational cost and low-latency caption display. This broadcast standard 1RU caption encoder supports our universal iCap captioning network right out of the box. Our captioners receive encrypted audio directly from your program, and return low-latency text for feature-rich CEA-708 (USA) or OP-47 (Australia/Europe) closed captions and subtitles.

Future-proofed technology

As a cloud service, iCap ensures a smooth transition to virtual and cloud-based architectures now or in the future. The HD492 has an optional ‘Alta' module for direct output of SMPTE 2110-40 IP ancillary data. Or, switch your iCap aAccess cCodes at any time to pure software encoding products such as the iCap Alta VMs for 2110 or MPEG-TS which are currently connecting emerging OTT delivery and IP production technologies into the same interoperable network.

Remote administration and monitoring

Our administrative cloud lets broadcasters and authorized transcription agencies monitor, add, change, or remove users and encoders from their account. Broadcasters can view captioner activity and retrieve connection logs on any encoder in the chain remotely from a web browser.

Multiple output destinations

Route incoming captions to scoreboards, mobile devices, or web streaming services anywhere with a host of modules accessed through the encoder interface.

Best choice for security

Ai-Media and EEG’s on-premises hardware solutions are favoured for the highest-security applications.

iCap Encode Pro

iCap Encode Pro Caption Encoder for Live Broadcasting

The iCap Encode Pro (product code HD492) is our leading SDI broadcast-standard caption encoder. It has the high-tech capabilities to meet your broadcast and streaming needs and open the door to our full range of solutions.


Cloud-Hosted Live Automatic Captioning Service

Lexi is North America’s leading automated captioning solution. It is a low-touch, cloud-hosted solution that uses algorithmic machine learning workflows to achieve greater accuracy than ‘out-of-the-box’ automated captions. It is available at our lowest price point for captioning.

Lexi provides best-in-class accuracy while focusing on the vocabulary, positioning and automation features crucial for practical live production.

Access Lexi from any EEG HD492, EN537, Alta, or Falcon encoder.

Suitable for live broadcast and high-quality audio streams

Lexi is well-suited to live broadcast and other scenarios where the audio is high quality.

Breakthrough Topic Models technology

Lexi's Topic Models feature enables the system to recognize topics, immerse itself in distinctive vocabulary, and observe context through the absorption of relevant web data unique to each implementation. This groundbreaking advancement enables Lexi to perform in real- time with a degree of accuracy that reaches beyond previous speech-to-text systems.

Best-in-class accuracy

Lexi’s algorithmic machine learning workflows achieve a much greater accuracy than ‘out-of-the box’ automated captions. Users can expect a reduction in word errors, improved punctuation and high-ranking response to fast speech and background noise.

Expansive data-learning structure

As a cloud service, Lexi keeps up to date with global news and entertainment data. Lexi can also monitor user-supplied URLs to absorb and leverage new information and improve transcription quality.

Hybrid workflows supported

For a hybrid approach, caption data from Lexi can be interspersed with existing captions from a teleprompter system and/or human captioner to ensure coverage of only the unscripted segments, such as weather reports.

Self-managed, easy to set up

Lexi is an easy-to-use, low-touch product. It is fast, efficient and scalable – with optional technical support.

Schedule your sessions

Scheduling is an advanced calendaring capability for Lexi users to program future start and end times of their content. Instances, a template of settings within the Scheduling feature, can be applied to captioning jobs. These settings include language, Topic Models, Access Codes, caption appearance, and more.


Because it is a completely automated solution, Lexi is budget-friendly.

Fastest caption display times

Lexi’s leading automation gives it the lowest latency of all our captioning options.


Our universal communication network for captioning, transcription and translation

iCap is what makes all of the above run like a dream. 

From SDI to IP video, 4K, and everywhere in- between, iCap is the largest closed captioning and subtitle delivery network in the world.

iCap provides 24/7/365 connectivity to captioning services around the globe and supports an ever-growing number of broadcast and cable channels, OTT content providers, professional sports stadiums, universities, conference centers, and more.

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Increased accuracy

iCap delivers higher bandwidth audio to captioners for increased clarity and higher word accuracy.

Enhanced security

All iCap connections are encrypted and authenticated. Detailed connection history logs can be retrieved remotely.

Seamless platform transitioning

All iCap products are unified under the iCap Cloud to simplify transitions from hardware-driven to software-controlled environments.

Connect with any
Ai-Media captioning solution

iCap delivers higher bandwidth audio to captioners for increased clarity and higher word accuracy.

Low operational cost

iCap eliminates the need for broadcasters and captioners to maintain a pair of phone lines (or expensive satellite equipment) per channel.

Logging and monitoring

All iCap connections are encrypted and authenticated. Detailed connection history logs can be retrieved remotely.

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