Encoder Pro Card (HD1492)

Release: 1.3.2

Release Notes:

  • GPI-G now supports “Telnet Enable” mode, which locks out Telnet caption input unless GPI-G is active

Upgrade Instructions

  • Download the update file (hd1492_1.3.2_r2.tar.bz2) to your computer.
  • Navigate to the Update page the HD1492 Web Portal and click the Choose File button.
  • Select the update file you just saved and then click the Upload button to load the file onto the unit.
  • After the update finishes uploading, click the Proceed button to begin the update process. This should take 5-10 minutes.
  • When the update is complete, the encoder will reboot automatically; please do not reboot the unit yourself.
  • The web site will indicate that the update is complete once the encoder has rebooted. You may need to perform a “hard refresh” in your browser in order to see the latest version of the HD1492 Web Portal.
  • Your system software build will be either “1.3.2” or “x1.3.2”, depending on what build you had before the upgrade.

Previous releases

Build 1.3.1

  • Lexi Controller 2.3.4
    • Standby feature now works with any Lexi instance targeting the selected accesscode, regardless of what instance is selected on the encoder
    • Supports special characters in EEG Cloud passwords
    • Cloud server address is now configurable
  • iCap 4.6.2
    • Key bug fix related to stability of encoder’s connection to iCap server
    • Supports faster resuming of Lexi when standby periods end
  • SCTE-104 Inserter 6.1
    • Supports frame-accurate insertion of SCTE-104 triggers using UTC timestamps
    • Improved logging for LAN-based messages
    • LAN messages longer than 128 bytes now supported
  • SSL Certificates web page added
    • Allows users to upload their own SSL certificates to be used for both inbound access to and outbound access from the encoder
  • ANC Capture web page added
  • Firmware version 1.69
    • Numerous improvements to OP-47/OP-42 Teletext encoding

Build 1.2.0

  • Lexi Controller 2.3.0
    • Supports putting Lexi into a new standby/pause mode, where Lexi remains running but does not send captions to the encoder. This allows for:
      • faster transitions between Lexi and other sources of captioning,
      • scheduling Lexi jobs from EEG Cloud, whilie not running Lexi upon other caption sources
      • running fewer Lexi jobs, making it easier to review lists of jobs for debugging purposes.
        • Note: Billing of Lexi hours will still occur while Lexi is paused / in standby.
    • SCTE-104 triggers can now be used to block Lexi captions, such as when commercials are active
    • Improved status messages on encoder Lexi web page
    • Adds new “Instances” mode, allowing Lexi settings to managed via EEG Cloud rather than via the encoder
    • Maximum row width is now 36 characters (only recommended for use in OP-42/OP-47 output mode, rather than 608/708 mode)
  • Decoder 28.1
    • Auxiliary SDI output now supports output of an open-captioned version of the main video output
    • Improved Teletext decoding in OP-42/OP-47 output mode, including support for Newfor-based workflows
  • iCap 4.6.1
    • iCap Video improvements
      • Higher frame rate (8-9 fps)
      • Allows sending open-captioned video frames (via Caption Settings page)
  • Caption Settings web page
    • Consolidates key encoding and decoding settings into one convenient location
    • Reduces or eliminates need to use Startup Settings editor for custom settings
  • Teletext encoding enhancements
    • Support for OP-42 insertion and recovery
    • Improved cross-conversion from 608 to OP-42/OP-47
    • Support for passthrough of upstream OP-42/OP-47
  • System stability improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and feature additions
    • Web site retains 14 days of logs, rather than 7
    • Fixes bug that sometimes required rebooting the encoder before being able to upgrade it
    • Web update page now provides upload status and allows larger uploads
    • Users can download all logs with one click
    • GPI-G can now be used to block incoming Telnet captions

Build 1.1.0

  • Lexi 1.1.3
    • Improved job statuses and logging
    • Pressing “apply” after changing settings while a job is running will start a new job with the new settings
    • Automatically updates language list as new languages are added in EEG Cloud system
  • Supports sending single audio channels to iCap listeners
  • More detailed firmware logging
  • Startup settings editor allows applying new settings immediately
  • Web portal 0.1.26
    • User-editable nickname field at top of page
    • Active ports” display now shows name of service that is providing captions
    • GPI settings are persistent upon reboot
  • Video iCap supports SD-PAL
  • Bug fixes related to GPO alarms, DHCP address acquisition

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